Second release of SkrewCommon 1.54

UPDATE : version removed too … I really need someone who have problem with 1.54 version and can provide me an vnc access to see whats happen on your iPhone, because it run fine on mine. I can’t debug a problem when it works fine here … 

Hi all,

SkrewCommon 1.54 are released again, with less memory use and fix problem of iPhone going sleeping when you watch videos with iPod.

This version remove the hack introduced to previous 1.54 version of SkrewCommon for Winterboard.

I waiting for some feedbacks to give this update to iSpazio.


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19 Responses to Second release of SkrewCommon 1.54

  1. sircutbreaker says:

    Please update the package for 3.0… I miss my video!!!




  2. mac2005 says:

    Hi any chance to upgrade to os 3.0 w´d be great

    Thanks for your hard work.

  3. melly34 says:

    hi all i have never had this problem with vwallpaper before but but nw i am runnung 3G iPhone jailbroken with 2.2.1 and when i launch vwallpaper and go to select video there are no videos to select is there a way to fix this prob. i have also used the download videos and they download but they still dont show up in the select video section can somebody please help me. thanks so much in advance
    3G iPhone jailbroken with 2.2.1

  4. willysan says:

    After having much fun with the vwallpaper as well as the vringtones. My vwallpaper app no longer wants to load. The loading screen comes up stays up for about 10-20 seconds then it just goes back to Springboard. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled aswell as reboot the phone but the same thing happens over and over. I have the 3G iPhone jailbroken with 2.2.1. All other apps including Cydia apps are working perfectly with no issues. Please help as I need to make changes to my vringtone and cant since I cant launch the app. Sorry for the ong message.

  5. dhlizard says:

    How do I get iToday for the iPhone.  I was informed it was for sale ($5) but cannot locate it anywhere.  Is it in a online store ?  My 3G is jailbroke.

  6. bez54 says:

    Are you still alive!!!??

  7. 41681114 says:

    Well, I first learned of vWallpaper from Dinozambas on youtube…Well, I downloaded it and Skrewcommon. I restarted my iPod, then restarted it with the jailbreak. So after opening the app, clicking enable video and attempting to enable  the fire one, I previewed it clicked yes. When to the home page, and nothing…Nothing happened!!



    PS. I am running 2.2.1 Jailbreaked firmware, and I I have 2G iPod Touch 

  8. Spurman says:

    Im running on 2.2 and everything is working fine for me. Try a fresh reinstall.

  9. dfrombe says:

    Hello Skrew, I was using your applications with firmware 2.1… I upgraded it to 2.2… and nothing is working anymore…

    I did not see any issues on your site… Is it only happening on my iphone, or not, I do not know.

    Any comments ?

    Tx anyway, DFromBe 

  10. bez54 says:

    Any news on the update yet?? cheers bez

  11. jamescrofton says:

    I am running 2.2 with Intelli screen and vwallpaper amoung other popular apps.  Since updating Skrew Common, My iphone goes into Mobile substrate mode when ever I respring after enabling vwallpaper.  It will also do this when I sync with Itunes.


    turning off vwallpaper and respringing resolves the issue.  I would be happy to offer VNC access if this will help you improve Skrew common. 

  12. trawn01 says:

    After having it displayed for some little time now I noticed that there is a few crashes that happened, nothing too big. I did also note that there’s still a 1 minute sleep while watching videos (youtube or ipod). The minute sleep is a bummer, other than that it’s all good. Hope I helped

  13. bez54 says:

    Please put it back on cydia for more testing.

  14. Spurman says:

    Hey Skrew good work on the updates . . . whatever happened to that message board we talked about?

  15. trawn01 says:

    I’ve been using 1.54 for some hours now and am happy to say that I haven’t had a crash! I’m really glad to be using and testing this app, there”s so much you can do with the combonations of wallpapers and videos! thanks so much!

  16. trawn01 says:

    I’m dl the re-release of 1.5.4, I had major problems with the previous version. If I continue to have errors with this v. then I’ll send you my crash logs, or is there something that would help debug? Thanks!

  17. bez54 says:

    Are you running it with winterboard on? When I switched of winterboard apps it worked ok.

  18. volxcomsurf says:

    So I had vwallpaper and skrewcommon working perfect on my iPhone 2.1 unlocked. Now that I’ve updated and unlocked to 2.2, the skrewcommon is making my icons disabled and the screen is non responsive. I then deleted it and it my phone works again. Anybody else having this problem? And is there a solution. I deleted intelliscreen and winterboard to see if that was causing it, but it didnt help. Any help would be appreciated =)

  19. 96hondaex says:

    I have been testing this for about an hour now and I have not had it crash yet. I will update if it does.


    Thank you for the update Skrew.Laughing


    !!! UPDATE !!!


    Ok well after playing for the phone for about 2 hours it did a respring while trying to open an app. It use to lock up but now it just does a respring.