Firmware 3.0 support

Hi ppl,

Long time, isn’t ? 🙂

I just started porting vWallpaper/vRingtones on firmware 3.0.

Actually i got hook part working, i have to finish port of GUI app

Testers can write to me (you know my email, and please don’t publish it! :p), i will send back 2 .deb to install.


EDIT: Port to 3.0 finished… Waiting for feedbacks 

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19 Responses to Firmware 3.0 support

  1. oskrsaulgt says:

    How is gonna be called the new vwallpapers? does the one who have installed will auto detect the new update?? When is going to be available? Thanks

  2. guardian890 says:

    Any update bro? its been over a week …..

  3. oskrsaulgt says:

    Seems like were a lot of peapole waiting for vwallpaper compatible with 3.0 os!!!

  4. 1han says:

    hi!firstly i must say that vwallpaper is the best app i ve ever used on my iphone.i updated my firmware and now i m using 3.0 os.when can we be able to use vwallpaper on 3.0?

  5. vasileski.viktor says:


    viktor when will be vwallpaper be available for download for 3.0 thru cydia?

  6. oskrsaulgt says:

    Seems that doesnt work on OS 3.0..

     It crashes to me too 

  7. oskrsaulgt says:

    Hi ive a litle question, i want to uninstall completly vwallpapers, cause it doesnt work with 3.0 os.


    I already try from Cydia>Modyfy>uninstall but it doesnt work, when i already uninstall it keep me appearing the videotones when somebody calls..


    Please help me 

  8. jasonlharrison says:


  9. eraserica says:

    I can`t make it work…. when i try to open the app it opens….but then crash…. i`ve reinstall it and nothing…. i`ve tried many thing… hope u have a solution 🙁

  10. hutchi says:

    Good news there ,can’t wait for it to be availaible!

    You’re the best.

  11. boostnsubaru says:

    I will gladly test and help get this up and running!!

    Just email it to me 🙂

    Thanks for all the hard work

  12. Cheoving says:

    how can i get the new version of vwallpaper for firmware 3.0

  13. Cheoving says:

    hi, ihave a question have you release the update for the 3.0 firmware yet?

  14. AndrewCat says:

    Plz send me the app per email thx

  15. Kits says:

    How do i get the .deb  ?

  16. bez54 says:


  17. 96hondaex says:

    I am currently testing and will report back to you asap.


    Thank you for porting your app to 3.0 for us to use!!!

  18. sircutbreaker says:

    I will gladly install the app and test it….if I only had a link to the .deb

    Thanks for all the great work!



  19. says:

    I cannot lose my video ringtones, man. Thanks you’re back.

    I’d suggest easier way to download videos, so anyone can create his own server.

    It would also be nice to identify which video I already downloaded.

    Thank you very much for the good work.