First public beta for OS 3.0


First, install mobilesubstrate if you don’t have it (from cydia or type in a ssh box: apt-get install mobilesubstrate)


Put these archives on your iPhone (e.g.: /tmp/)
then exec (in ssh):
cd /tmp/
dpkg -i SkrewCommon155.deb vWallpaper110.deb

Normally you don’t need to reboot, just respring (or type killall SpringBoard)

Known issues:
– iPhone doesn’t go to sleep mode
– Sometimes the video doesn’t restart after leaving an application

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54 Responses to First public beta for OS 3.0

  1. SaMik88 says:

    thaks for all your work and i find one more problem –  os03 – 3g tel.So if i use iphone (non slep) call will shows as answer or down(2buttons) but if i have a sleep mode i have 1 button- answer =( (second button very usfl) Mybe i do some wrong but i dont think so… and one more thanks to you!!!! (ps do you see my email?)

  2. cyberneil says:

    The terminal commands below is what i used to make it work.

    If it hasnt been noted somewere already!!

    dpkg -i /tmp/vWallpaper110.deb

    dpkg -i /tmp/SkrewCommon155.deb

    It works GREAT….Thank you.. 

  3. blakecc says:

    Can you provide any updates on when a non beta will be released or tell me to fuck off or at least some feedback as to if this will ever be available. I love the app and really miss it. If you do tell me to fuck off I know not to ask anymore 🙂 Thanks man!

  4. blakecc says:

    Love this app want it back any idea on when the final release will be available?