Now for 3GS…

Hi ppl,

First, sorry for the downtime, i dind’t see i had forget to fix the dns for this site ūüôĀ

Now, it should works for 3G & 3GS

I Still looking for a solution for the autolock

Take and install it as usual
Don’t forget if you don’t have it

Please tell me if its works better with WinterBoard installed.

EDIT: There are a bug with download videos, it’s identified. Thanks for report. I still waiting for some others bugs before updating application¬†

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11 Responses to Now for 3GS…

  1. michveron23 says:

    i have 3gs 3.1.3 and i have to have an internet connection in order to launch vwalpaper to change walpaper or ringtones help is there a way round this??

  2. sergio Ceron says:


    LOVE the vwallpaper app and I would like to know if there’s a way to fix the videowallpaper when i tunes is playing, if you minimize itunes it disapears, but if you bring it up again and stop it, the videowallpaper plays again, does the app uses the itunes player to run and that’s why it conflicts?

    Thanks again for your great app 



  3. Cafeboy says:

    I we would like to see iPad support for vwall paper can you please release a candidate we can beta test for u

  4. cuongiphone says:

    I Still looking for a solution for the autolock

    1- This app runs very well . You don’t need to find any solutions for
    autolock because it’ll lock itself when watching videos on ipod ….and
    the best solution now is that you should use quicklock application to
    turn it off whenever not watching it ….

    2- This app works better than winterboard when you run videos because
    you run winterboard while running the other ones that may cause
    crashing when winterboard in the background ….
    vWallpaper isn’t like that ….

  5. trill says:

    im really new to iphone new u to help me hook on the app ringtones need ur help

  6. banks_yayo says:

    video ringtones dont work well only some videos work and video wallpapers arent working for me

  7. johannesxts says:

  8. giugiu says:

    same problem..

  9. dakatsmeow says:
    Hey man,
    I downloaded as instructed and the icon is installed on my springboard.  However, when I launch it shows me the start up screen and then closes down.
    Is there something that I am missing?
  10. blakecc says:

    I , when trying in the past on my 3g with the 155 deb file would loose all of my icons (Total blank screen not even the phone icon) and have to re-image the phone. Trying now the 156 image and all appears to be working, the only thing I have found that does not is when I attempt to select to download a video the whole application closes. I have tried to re-boot and launch again but it still does it. I was able to go to the download site from my computer and get the file I wanted and I just ended up uploading the file to my phone via filezilla client. Thanks so much I really missed this app.  Laughing


  11. Stex says:

    Hi there,

    might be my fault that I found nothing about it, but I have some problems with Ringtones on my iPhone. I made my jailbreak just with cydia, so I did not find a chance to install the fake BSD (if it’s needed, wanted to give it a try).
    Ringtones appears on my springboard, but everytime I try to start it, I just come to the first screen (frenchiPhone developpement) and it crashes (at least I think it does it as it’s hiding again).

    Is the missing fake BSD the problem and cydia is just not enough? I’d really like to try this program since everybody is telling me that it’s just great ūüôā
    Thanks in advance!