vWallpaper tested on iPhone 3G – OS 3.1


vWallpaper works on my iPhone 3G / OS3.1 with the new mobilesubstrate.

Next post: The download bug in vWallpaper application.

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4 Responses to vWallpaper tested on iPhone 3G – OS 3.1

  1. brett750 says:

    Hello, and Merci for Vwallpapers. My friends iPhone 4 looks rather ordinary in comparison to my 3g running vWallpaper. I have baught you a Beir, (NOT Budweiser please), in the hope that you can help me.
    When I download a Video from MX Tube, and SSH or iFile transfer it to the vWallpaper folder, the video is smaller, and only appears on the top half of the iphone screen.
    is there a way to enlagre the videos either from the mxtube side, or the vWallpaper side???
    Thank you again for a wonderful APP
    iPhone 3g…OS-3.1.3 Spirit Jailbreak

  2. sobczak says:

    Soy usuario del telefono iphone y me gusta probar las aplicaciones que estan en el mercado.

  3. ghiath says:

    thanks alot

  4. piwi says: