New vWallpaper / SkrewCommon


As it seem to be ok for the OS3.1 release, here is a new version.

You can add my repository on cydia : and install vWallpaper.


– if you switch off vWallpaper, its destroy his content and respring, so you can see your wallpaper background.
– You can now downloading videos and Ringtones videos again within application.

As usual, i waiting for your feedback, so i can release it in public repository. Thanks

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19 Responses to New vWallpaper / SkrewCommon

  1. embelished says:

    Hello i have the iphone 4 /4.1.  i installed skrewcommon for ios4  however since then i have been  having problems with my phone, for instance everytime i download an app, or install an app, skrewcommon is reinstalled.  I have attempted to remove this app,however it only reinstalls itself.  please assist.

  2. GiViT says:


    Je suis à la recherche des fichiers skrewCommon.deb et vWallpaper.deb compatible avec le firmware 2.2.1.

    Si quelqu’un les a dans ses archives se serait trop cool…

    Merci d’avance

    Contact : givit_1969[@]

  3. bwise718 says:

    I know the siz is 320 x 420 but how can you change it when you download the video with the youtubedownloader.  All I need is instructions. After downloading video on desktop I SSH the video on my 3g iphone 3.1 firmware.  The video’s I’ved downloaded so for just don’t fill the screen, just top of screen.  I know it’s something minor.  Thank You for help 

  4. rallendhs says:
    I just put this on my phone and I love it. I noticed in some of the comments that there was a video size. Is there a way to put my own video as a vWallPaper? If so, where would I find the instructions?
    Again, great app, will donate soon….. 
  5. immortalsoule says:

    Has anyone (before myself) suggested a randomizing agent in the wallpaper to change the movies with a time change setting?

  6. komptonking says:

    can we get the older version for 2.2.1……i dont wanna upgrade my FW….thanks…..

  7. GenxBear says:

    I have a iPhone 3GS, with 3.1.2 Jailbroken firmware.  I installed vWallpaper v1.11-1 and the video wallpaper is working just fine, however, the video ringtones display mostly a bright green color and you can see some video moving under the green color.  I tried to view the 3AM Chorus.mp4, Coldplay-Yellow.mp4, and su.mp4 and they all do the same thing.  If I use the Power Player app to play the same videos, they play just fine.  I don’t know why the videos are showing up all green in vWallpaper.  I have Winterboard installed, and I have disabled all settings in Winterboard, but still have the same issue  Any suggestions?  .

  8. AlMcCoy says:

    Hi skrew, and thanks a million for this great app!Could you please let us know if the issue with vWallpaper not letting the iPhone to go into auto-lock is a problem you might fix?At the moment, it doesn’t work with the following configuration:OS 3.1Mobilesubstrate 0.9.3051-1SkrewCommon 1.57-1vWallpaper 1.11-1Many thanks for your great work!Alin 🙂

  9. eskaelx says:

    Bonsoir.. Voilà quand je lance l’application vwallpaper, je tombe sur la page pub, ensuite l’application retourne directement au spring board!
    y a t-il une solution à mon problème ? ( J’ai bien tout fais/installé, et même 2x pour être sur .. )
    Merci d’avance

    Iphone v1 US 8GO – FW 3.1

  10. Shade69 says:

    Bonsoir, désolé pour la réponse tardive ^^, il me semblait bien que tu étais un dev français :p, je vais regarder sur hackintosh ou modmyi des que j’ai le temps pour le power management de l’os 3.0 (d’autres app doivent deja l’avoir), pour la fonctionnalité du double-tap qui met en pause:reprise la video sur le springboard, c’est possible ou pas? =)
    A part ca, l’app fonctionne impecc sur mon 3.0os je n’ai pas de conso de batterie excessive avec un video clip encode en h264, si tu as besoin d’aide n’hesite pas 😀 (Je suis vraiment un grand fan de cet app :p autant la finalise !)

  11. mushu14 says:

    Bonjour à tous et surtout à Eric,

    L’appli fonctionne bien sauf deux petits problèmes : parfois la vidéo ne démarre pas après retour sur le springboard, ensuite le téléphone ne se met pas en veille tout seul.

    Merci à tous…à plus….  Patrick….

  12. bulletbuell says:

    hi, i had vwallpaper installed on my 2.2.1 firmware 3g phone. for some stupid reason, i un-installed it and when i tried to re-install it, it said i needed to udate my mobile substrate. what exactly is going on? i go to the install and now vwallpaper says its for version 3.0 and higher. what can i do to get it back? oh, and i did try going to firmware 3.0 and 3.0.1 but my battery would die within 4 hrs or so. so upgrading firmware is not an option.

  13. skrew says:


    1) vWallpaper can detect when ipod is running, so its disable itself for letting music playing (iphone don’t let music & video play at same time)

    2) Ok i will look

    3) yes its a know issue for OS3, i don’t know where i can handle power management like in OS1 and OS2. I still try to look for someting (if any coder know, let me know :p)

  14. numatod says:

    Shade69 +1!!!

    Pease, update for autolock!

  15. Shade69 says:

    Hi, this app could be awesome with 3 bugs fix :
    I use the 3.0 OS (waiting for 3.1 3gs jailbreak)
    —> when i play an audio files with ipod player or dtune player, the video in the background stop (ipod), or dtunes stop to play music like the application have the priority (it doesn’t work too with backgrounder to force the process)
    —> the video doesn’t load auto after a reboot (sbsettings)
    —> i try with SupremePreference and the original settings (SP off in winterboard), auto-dim(SP) don’t work only in the springboard, and the auto-lock (SP and original) don’t work too, my iphone stay with the video reading in loop…
    Question : When we launch an app the application still continue in foreground? or just stop and relaunch automatically in the springboard?
    Suggestion : Could you add a feature, that when you Double tap on the screen the video stop(pause), and not consume battery life, a feature like in vista with dreamscene…(we can stop it at every moment), and we can with another double tap relaunch the video.
    Thanks you very much, i used this app since i’ve had the iphone3G and now with the 3gs the springboard don’t lag anymore =), if you can add the doubletap feature it can be fabulous !
    PS : If you want a beta tester =)

  16. skrew says:

    320×480 for fullscreen ?

  17. yellowbirdrs says:

    it’s work great for me.

    what video size (???x???) do yo recomend to use I mean on the video I upload to YT or right know I’m tring to skeep this step and just save the video directly in to my MXT library..



    Grat app.


  18. Zhiki says:
    Everything works fine, but It seems there is still a problem with the autolock feature.
  19. blakecc says:

    I let Cydia update the Vwallpaper (I had manually updated beforer to the 155 deb) and before when I would try to download video’s the app would close, now when I try to download video rringtones it flashes downloading for one second then does nothing and remains on the selection string. I have a backdoor way to get video’s I want through Filezilla but I wanted to let you know what I was seeing from the app. Still love it! Thanks!