Ringtones! on OS3

Hello again,

Ringtones now works on OS3

You can convert any song you have in your music libray into ringtone, without itunes or any other software.

Enjoy on my repository

Edit: The cut part of song is in advanced conversion but i have to port this part of code… Just stay tuned 🙂 

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47 Responses to Ringtones! on OS3

  1. Mw says:


  2. priss says:


  3. silvioem says:

    Necesito descargar el Ringstonapp

  4. tunisian93 says:

    comment on le télécharge? merci !

  5. alvine974 says:

    quelqu’un peut me dire comment on fait pour le telecharger

    merci d’avance

  6. muntaser says:

    thanks alot

  7. Marcus99 says:

    Merci bcp

  8. mmbb19 says:

    can somebody please answer

  9. mmbb19 says:

    i really wanna know, when your create your ringtone and put them onto your iphone.. how to delete them..


  10. Ahmedegy says:


  11. nada1982 says:

    Hi, this ringtone maker is awsome, congratulations, I just had a question on how can I delete from the the iPhone an already made ringtone that went wrong? Please let me know thanks

  12. Ncmc0241 says:

    How to download it to iphone?

  13. Ncmc0241 says:

    Nice product keep up the good work

  14. pabot21 says:

    merciHello Everybody

  15. barcley says:


  16. laoboy says:

    it’s such a great apps for iphone 🙂

    iphone lover

  17. Nitrax says:

    merci bcp

  18. goldmember says:

    nice app

  19. mark didier says:

    Comment field is required

  20. turkkkan79 says:
    Hi, when i open start converting, it shows the ringtones already  i have installed from itunes. How can i move to my music library and songs?
  21. respow says:


  22. karimdz14 says:


  23. bojomojo says:

    no file download, just download it from cydia

  24. volgaias says:

    Hello where is the file download please 


  25. vincent57700 says:

    Trés bon programme 🙂

  26. bojomojo says:

    Is it possible that you add a feature to make us browse the file system for mp3 files?

    For example if we use ibluetooth to recieve mp3 ringtones from firneds, then brose to it from RINGTONES to convert it

  27. skrew says:

    No, and its not in my todo list ATM 🙂

  28. yamiya says:

    Love this app. Just wanted to confirm. The ringtones created by this app cannot sync with iTunes? If not, possibly this feature be added in the near future?

  29. skrew says:

    You can make beta tester apply for the next version so you can have the .deb

  30. girtheawesome says:

    uh i can still have alarms

  31. skrew says:

    As ipod touch don’t have telephony you don’t need ringtones on it 🙂

  32. marcchester says:

    Cydia is not adding your repo i dont know what to do now ireally want this app . Is there any sources for this app that works on cydia or installer 4

  33. girtheawesome says:

    i don’t think its supposed to work with ipod touch if it does i can’t use cydia until i install it for some reason stupid cydia

    could you send me the deb file

  34. skrew says:

    I don’t use installer. You can find the good version on cydia (on my repo or ispazio)

    Ypu don’t need to install any other soft (bsd sub if for 1.X firmware :p)

  35. skrew says:

    Don’t know, it works on my 3.0 3GS but i maybe installed a library while developing.. As the same time it seem to work for many ppl…. But i will correct this is the next package


    Read FAQ and this before posting!

  36. marcchester says:

    i got an iphone 3gs 32gb os3 i got cydia and installer 4 but i cant download ringtones app in any of them..i tried installer 4i saw the app, clicked it and it said "Unable to decode package more info at i.danstaface.net/site/. went on it .then they told me to download BSD Subsystem which i cant find anywhere in installer 4 or cydia…help me pls i’ve been searching non stop for sources and stuff for 3 days just to download "Ringtones" help.. please reply to thiscomment or email me at marc_chester15@yahoo.com


  37. DarthVader007 says:

    it worked, but are you sure it’s a 3.1 problem? My brother have an iphone 3g with 3.0 and he have the same problem

  38. tomtatatoto says:

    Merci un grand merci

  39. DarthVader007 says:
    I hava a 2G with 3.1 Fimrware and when i convert a song it doesn’t show up in the ringtone settings menu. What should i do?
    Edit skrew: There are a missing library on 3.1 jailbreak. You can wait for fix or do it yourself:
    IN SSH:
    rm /bin/skrewcp
    cp /bin/cp /bin/skrewcp
    chmod +s /bin/skrewcp
    It should fix the problem.
  40. philippe fievet says:


  41. laz305 says:

    I’m on 3GS 3.0 installed np says converting and when done get no success confirmation? So I check settings and they don’t show up. I am using ToneFXs maybe that has something to do with it? Also there was no Skrew folder so I made one.I see it created a faded folder .eacsound and the owner is 1000 instead of mobile or root.

  42. waterboy99troop says:

    does this work on 3.1 as well? i’ve tried to make a ringtone for the longest time (and with different files) and i still can’t do it… if not, then here’s hoping you can get one out for 3.1 ASAP…

  43. piehands says:

    This is a brilliant app, and it is free – that is very kind of you… I have sent you a donation earlier today.Hope to see some updates soon 🙂

  44. girtheawesome says:

    dude the app killed my cydia so now i’m fucked

    Edit: How an application can kill cydia ? Be serious ! Cydia are only an frontend for apt, and this application are compliant with apt. look elsewhere…

  45. Glenfiddik says:

    I downloaded your app and love the concept. Is ther a possibility of releasing an update with the ability to edit the part of the song you want to convert to a ringtone?…. Please let me know!!!! Thanks!Glen

  46. Tbei25 says:

    First let me say that the app is amazing. If you could add in some custimation to it like add in which part of the song you want. I think that would make this app better