Release: Ringtones 2.89

Hi all,

First, thanks to testers.

Ringtones 2.89 is here, with advanced conversion. You can now cut your song and add a fade in / out.
Please don’t name your ringtones with special characters, if you don’t see your converted tone in ringtones settings, please try with another song name.

You have to add my repository:

It’s tested on 3GS with firmware 3.1.2, so the bug on firmware 3.1.x are gone.

Enjoy, it’s probably the last version

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39 Responses to Release: Ringtones 2.89

  1. Henry says:

    There is a free app in the app store for those who are unlocked or locked to a supplier, but those who are jailbroken couldnt use it 🙁 called Rmaker (ringtone maker)…. heaps better.

  2. JR says:

    Any chance that this app will be upgraded to work on iOS 4? Just had to upgrade my iOS and now this won’t work! 🙁
    I’m gutted, best app ever made for iPhones.

  3. fredy1021 says:

    i love this app

  4. MrCyberdude says:

    This app doesn’t work on OS4 but as its a personal favorite of my friends and I, is it possible to have it upgraded to OS4?

  5. edna marquez says:


  6. Akaecko says:

    Hey I just wanted to tell you thank you for your great apps and thank you for the hard work and time you take out of your life to make ass goes like me happy 🙂 oooo plez make or fix the ringtone apps I have to say that it is the best app ever created thanx man keep up the hard work

  7. zaga_1702 says:


  8. Dhebi says:

    Please help me how to deleted ringtone I created with this app ringtone v.2.89

  9. Dhebi says:

    Please help me how to deleted ringtone I created with this app ringtone v.2.89

  10. simyeehua says:


  11. niladri says:

    not happy not getting any support

  12. ray1205 says:

    where do i download this?


  13. manupolack says:


  14. yandi2 says:

    But question… how yo delete a file that is like this for example I would use "foobar" for the name of the ringtone…

    \ FooBar\ .m4r

    see that tere’s a space between the \ and F

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: I tried rm -i and rm -i–* but nothing…



  15. dhester92 says:

    for some reason when I create my own ringtones using the advanced option, the final preview and ringtone plays really fast as if it were being fast fowarded…which sucks. If there is a fix for this, please contact me thanks!

  16. whySalah says:


  17. kevkeve says:


  18. ckspyder says:

    use ifile to navigate to


    open the folder, then delete the ones that you don’t want

  19. ckspyder says:

    I did a test ringtone to see if the software workds.  It worked perfectly but I can’t figure out how to delete this test tone ~~!  please help

  20. mariod1269 says:

    i created a ringtone i don’t like. how do i remove it from my iphone?

  21. DANNO EXTRA says:

    it doesnt works!!!!!!!!

  22. sanketlovesall says:

    great application..


    thanks to u..

  23. unkownmes says:

    Hey Guys, i am currently on iPhone 3GS v3.1.2, and I have 2 Questions:

    1. I created a ringtone, but i can’t delete it since i don’t like it, does anyone know how i can delete a song or the ring tone that i had created? like where the directory is?

    2. For the creator, is there a way you can upload the .deb file, since we now have Rock Extensions installed (ripped version), and many of us do not like the RockApp, so could you please upload it so that we can install it without the RockApp using SSH?


    Thanks in advance

  24. Jean ramos says:

    comment et ou télécharger cette application

  25. Dashka says:


  26. GiViT says:


    Je suis sous le firmware 2.2.1 et il me faudrait le skrewCommo.deb et vwallpaper.deb pour cette version. Où pourrais-je la télécharger ?

    Merci d’avance.


    I’m in firmware 2.2.1 and I need the skrewCommo.deb and vwallpaper.deb for this version. Where can I download it?

    Thank you

  27. erdo_gan says:

    not to be

  28. testman says:

    the apps works great to create an ringtone!
    but i have seen in the changelog an function to create and change a sms tone?
    please help me…i can’t found this option! how to change sms tones?
    hope you understand my german!
    thanks in advance

  29. Berkant007 says:
    Great.. Thanks…
  30. jooooony says:

    Tongue out

  31. samo94260 says:

    thank man

  32. princedunet says:

    thn man, keep going

  33. ED says:


    I have version 2.88 installed. how can i delete a ringtone that i have created?

    I would also like to install version 2.89 – will it work with firware 3.0.1?


  34. says:

    Maybe smthng is wrong? 2.89 doesnt’t see all my mp3, but only one of them. At first I’ve updated from 2.88 then removed 2.88 and installed 2.89 with the same result. Could somebody help me?

    P.S. The device is 3G 16Gb, jailbreak, 3.1.2.  

  35. skrew says:

    Damn! Thanks, it’s corrected

  36. Mugag says:

    The repo is not danstdaface the letter d is wrong just to notify u thank you

  37. Mugag says:

    Thank youuuu for the repoooo i was searching for the whole web to find the new update thank you

  38. skrew says:

    Hi, i have edited the post with the url of my repo

  39. Obatres says:

    I been waiting for this update for a long time I’m so happy it finally here please let us know how to get it or upgrade it. Or if I’m the only one that does not know somebody please tell me.