Ripdev contamined me ?

Hi all,

After a lot of work on my softs, a lot of fun with jailbreak scene, i have to stop all due to lack of interest from users.

I want to thanks all users who had supported me (remember when iFastSwitch, Ringtones and vWallpaper trust the #1 top charts) and my very bad english (la version Francaise comprehensible en bas de page)….

I just want to make a last release of vWallpaper, so post comments with your requests ūüôā

¬†In french: Merci a tous, vraiment, c’etait bien fun, des millions de visiteurs chaques mois, le fait de se retrouver numero 1 avec 3 applications pendant plusieurs mois, j’ai vraiment pris plaisir a bosser gratos pour la scene jailbreak de l’iphone, mais bon, les coups bas (le vol de iFastSwitch par un – dieu – de la scene), la disparition de mes softs sur mon principal hosteur sans explication, le manque de reactivite de ma part (c’est vrai, j’avoue) font que je prefere arreter avant l’agonie fatale… Je vais laisser mon repo encore actif, mais il n’y aura plus de suivi pour les futures versions de l’OS et des qu’un firmware rendra mes applications incompatibles je le fermerai.

Merci donc a tous, et rendez vous bientot pour le dernier post sur la derniere version de vWallpaper, j’espere finir de maniere agreable ūüôā¬†


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20 Responses to Ripdev contamined me ?

  1. dameat says:

    Could you make a guide on how to make a repo for wallpaper and vwallpaper I have over 1 gig of ringtons I would like to share

  2. Anngelos says:
    I heavily use VWallpapers with the themes I create thanks for developing such a great Jailbraik app. With the addition of picture masking I was wondering if there was any way you could set it up so you could place the video where ever you want on the screen and this might be a little much but a zoom in and out feature? I think thats all VWallpapers is missing to being the perfect video wallpaper app.
    Thanks again for an awesome app. 
  3. Asherizm says:

    Please update for iOS4. ¬†vWallpaper is the best jailbreak app out there. ¬†You need money? I’ve got money.

  4. guardian890 says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wwhy r u leaving !!!!!!! this app is the only reason why i jb my phone! ūüôĀ

  5. cigahs says:

    UMMM __ no way bro! I love your app. It is my all time favorite. Anytime I have to do a restore, I install vwallpaper first. I absolutely love it. So I wanted to say thank you for making it and taking time to make it so impressive. I have spent countless hours making videos for my ringtones and wallpapers. I saw something about 1.57 but i did several searches and came up with nothing. But I am interested to know where I can find some info on it. Please do not stop, atleast if anything, keep going with this app. You could incorporate so many things with it -vwallSMS??

  6. gunit75 says:

    this is without a shadow of a doubt 1 if not the best app on here.i dont no how people didnt find any of the apps u have done not 2 b some of the best.i 4 1 love vwallpaper and wish i could change ur mind about quitting cause i have made a ton of videos and am in the process of helping all my friends find and get this app going like i have it.the only problem im having with it is that my created videos r not centered.i have been trying to resize them but with no sucess.some of the vids i downloaded from within r green also.but i have another iphone which i chose not 2 update from 2.2.1 and vwall paper runs fine.if there were some way it could b fixed 2 run as it did on 2.2.1 that would b wonderful.i really wish u would change ur mind and keep going with ur apps cause im still tring 2 find more but i can’t live without my u use a special type ov video convertor when u put up videos.i havw a ton of created videos i would love 2 email 2 u just so u could put them on here.please email me back if u can help me

  7. mario661 says:

    Love the vWallpaper software! It’s one of the main reasons I jailbroke!

    Please keep it updated. :-/

    The only very VERY little remarks is the volume popup and the normal wallpaper just before the ring video kicks in.

    Adding own video URLs to download would be a nice feature. But uploading with software like iFunbox is very easy!

  8. Euthenics says:

    It’s a bit sad to see you are leaving when many like myself would have found your apps and look forward to it. I wish you all the best but I do hope your apps can live on for a long time.

  9. AlMcCoy says:

    You did a fantastic job and it is very sad to see you leaving. ¬†Bonne chance for the future! but why are you not making your app payable like many others did (if this was an issue…). Your app did a lot for me so thanks a lot.

    My main improvement suggestion would be to allow the iPhone to go automatically in "Auto-Lock" when vWallpaper is activated and a video is running in the background… at the moment, wathever my settings are (after 1minute, etc.), the iphone is not doind it… Thank you Sir!

  10. skellypool says:

    Dear Skrew,
    Can you contact me via my email for a possible business opportunity.

  11. Ceaze420 says:

    I’m really sad to hear you go. Vwallpaper was the best app for the iPhone. Way better than mivtones. I always used video ringtones on 2.x. I just really wish u update the app to 3.x because it doesn’t work so well. Here are some things I think would make the last update great:-videos downloaded from repository are green and don’t play right-videos downloaded from mxtube only go half screen-it would e cool if when u press the volume button to turn off audio during video ring, the video still plays in backround without audio (like mivtones)-I remember in 2.x, there was a problem with Bluetooth and audio still running after call is answered-Bug when you don’t answer, it says calling-few other bugs where screen freezes during video ring, and sometimes phone keeps vibrating-also I remember in 2.x, volume bar would pop up when video ring begins. This would be the number one video ringtones app. Hopefully u update this app soon and make other cool apps because vwallpaper is the best!!Thanks for all your hard work

  12. King0Freaks says:

    It is very sad to hear that your leaving the app making scene it is nice to here you say that you will however be making one final update to vwallpaper and the recommendation I’d like to make is to make vwallpaper run in the background so all widgets enabled on winterboard won’t be covered up I noticed that this is how is was with the beta version of vwallpaper for firmware 3.0 but than when the initial and actual release came out it wasn’t like tht anymore all my widgets wer being covered up.

  13. bojomojo says:

    Lol.. This is the best ringtones app ever made.. I don’t know why you are quitting, but its up to you, tho I would really loved if there was an option to convert any mp3, not just the ones in the library, for example if I recieve one via ibluetooth

  14. skrew says:


    you know, i had started ringtones & vwallpaper in may/june 2008, so its not so new ūüôā

  15. rip says:

    I have discovered this App yesterday trough a community.
    And now i have to read that you will stop this project?
    PLEASE don`t stop this…..
    It`s so cool when you look on the wallpaper and there is a animation or a movie….
    I wish you a pleasant day.

  16. dauidus says:

    I am sad to see that you are leaving this project.. I have used vWallpaper for ringtones and video background since it was first released.  If you truly are to release one last version, is it possible to make vWallpaper run in the background, so as not to have it cover up any runing widgets.  For an example of this, please see how BossPaper has added an option to run underneath winterboard.  

    I am not mush of a developer myself, just beginning to play around with some code.  But, since this project is in its dying stages, could you please provide me with all the files and code to run vWallpaper?  Perhaps I could add some small tweaksfor myself.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and keep programming!!! 

  17. says:

    Another point is that your site subtitle make it explicit that we can only find software to make ringtones on the iPhone. Eventhough it’s a nice concept, it is much easier to make them with iTunes. vWallpaper, which is a huge change, stays undercover, for example.

  18. says:

    In my case, it is definetly not lack of interest. I’ve been waiting for vWallpaper for so long, it would be very sad if you give up so early. We all know that this may be just a hobby and we understand. But a stable version of vWallpaper with good performance and good GUI would be awesome! But if you say it would be the last, with no further support or improvement, I also feel discoraged!

    Overall, it was a really good work so far…


    p.s. It is only me or the comment textbox has a strange non-functional background?

  19. Shade69 says:

    Bonne continuation c’est dommage que tu ne mettes pas vWallpaper sur le cydia-store, pour les nouveaut√©s je dirais l’autolock du springboard, le double tap pr arrete la video ou la reprendre. Merci encore pour tout !!! ūüėÄ

  20. mushu14 says:

    C’est bien dommage que tout cela s’arr√™te, j’ai eu l’occasion de me rendre compte de visu et en direct de la performance de notre ami Eric qui est tr√®s cosatud dans tout ce qui touche l’iPhone. Le voir terminer tout cela n’est pas une bonne nouvelle, mais c’est ainsi. Il faut le remercier pour son savoir et tout ce qu’il nous a apport√©.

    Bonne continuation et bonne chance à lui et un Grand MERCI pour tout.