New: vWallPaper 1.12 / SkrewCommon 1.58

Hi all,

It’s the long awaited feature, vWallpaper can handle sleeping mode.
Packages are only available on my repo ATM:

remember it’s for testing this new feature.
Leave comments here, and merry X-Mas to all

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49 Responses to New: vWallPaper 1.12 / SkrewCommon 1.58

  1. Marie says:

    I installed the new vwallpaper iOS 4 and I followed every steps to have a video background. When I selected a video background and pressed the home button on my itouch 4 it didn’t work it keeps giving me my recent background. I added the website

  2. Matthew says:

    i have just an idea for vwallpaper Publishers..!!! my thought was if you guys can create a landscape version of the vWallpaper because some videos are too big to see all the video in portrait format.. thanks for listening..

  3. Meler-andy says:

    oh every thing i download doesnt work from dans ,maybe cos i am using simple background,after i uninstalled vwallpeper and screwcommon i can only have one wallpeper on lockscreen and os background sucks help please ????? rather to use vwallpeper

  4. Meler-andy says:

    Please help i menage to find Vwallpeper 1.1.2 and ScrewCommon witch was very hard to find deb file ,cos on cydia it wasent workin, so I have got iphone 2G on 3.1.x and i installed screwCommon first then vwallpeper and when ever i click on select video wallpeper it’s nothing ther i even found seprete mp4 video theme pack for vwallpeper copy it to the folder Videobackground and still nothing the program doesnt see even build in mp4 ,i have checked on ifile and ther some samples any solution ?

  5. slyslysly says:

    Hi, I’m using the 2 of them for my iphone 3.1.3, (JB), however, when I want to assign ringtone to respective callers, the app just auto shut down, everytime when I do it, i.e. when I want to "Delete" the current assigned ringtone from my contacts, or replace existing contact ringtone.


    Appreciate if you can help me.

  6. tre666 says:

    I too am experiencing the exact same issue. Please fix the app to work on OS 4.0.1 pleeeeaaaaase. I really want vwallpaper on my phone.

  7. hongjc says:

    Just recently jailbroke by iphone 3gs ios 4.0.1 thru jailbreakme and looked forward to using your v wallpaper. It seems however that it does not work on the iphone 4.0.1. I tried reinstalling it, rebooting it but it still does not work…. Any help would be great thanks….

  8. tre666 says:

    Will you be porting the app to work on the iPhone 4? I really hope you will. I know so many people that are waiting for this.

  9. zealot says:


    I want to add my own videos as a wallpaper and I do it with SSH.

    It works but my problem is that the size isnt right.

    The resolution is 480×320 but the video is to small and fills it only half or 2/3.

    Which programm do you use?

    Thank you zealot.

  10. mexi52 says:

    help… i downloaded vwallpaper and loaded this flame fire 3D theme and wanted to remove it and couldn’t go back into vwallpaper… so i went to cydia and uninstalled vwallpaper  however the flame is still there tried turning my iphone on and off and still there… also tried putting themes on still it comes back please help!!!

  11. jeffou75 says:

    Salut eric je t’ai envoyé un mail au boulot 🙂

    mais  je suis pas sur que tu l’auras alors…

    compte tu rendre compatible vwallpaper avec l’OS4, j’adore ton soft c le meilleur alors ce serait cool

    Merci de me repondre 😉

  12. slyslysly says:

    Hihi, my vwallpaper 1.12-1.1 has been doing fine, and yesterday after I backup my iphone with itunes, I can’t seem to run (open the app) anymore, my vwallpaper and vringtones are still running fine, its just that I can’t open up the app to do editing of other videos nymore, can someone help? Can contact me at

  13. mervin23 says:

    Will this work with 4.0??

  14. Stunt101 says:

    Hi! i have a 3GS & have a problem with vwallpaper. when i set my iphone to silent mode with through the switch on the left side of the phone my video tones still sound out loud. If i disable the vwallpaper ringtones my silent mode works just as there anything i can do to get them silent when they meant to be?

  15. Ceaze420 says:

    Will this work with 4.0??

  16. rockstarblue says:

    I found a few new vWallpapers on this site

  17. kandrain says:

    how can i get more video themes?

  18. 340789 says:

    The vwallpaper works fine in normal. However, it stop moving while I play the music.

    I hope you can fix it lol!!

  19. juanjo500 says:

    okay so i added vwallpapers. worked fine for a good while. right after i added a repository, it crashes on me. i go to the loading screen and it stays there for a while and then returns to the springboard. can anyone help me with this problem. i already unistalled and reinstalled. removed and installed. removed through ssh and nothing seems to work. that repository really messed up the vwallpaper app.

  20. jowedut says:

    Hey guys i got the problem that the app crashes always when i start the app. Any suggestions what to do? reinstalled it several times with no succes 🙁
    vWallpaper and SkrewCommon are both on the newest versions

  21. Pizentu says:

    wow. It finally decided to let me upgrade today. I haven’t tested it yet. 


      I would like to know how I can upload videos to cydia so that they are sent directly  to vwallpaper instead of going to winterboard. 

  22. Pizentu says:

    how come i am not seeing 1.12!!!??  i have the source code correct. when i search vwallpaper in cydia and click on the result, it is still showing 1.11!!!!!!!!!  what am I doing wrong??


  23. Ronnieamclean says:

    Even when your phones on silent the sound still plays

  24. Roriii says:

    Hello and thanks for the great job.
    I would like to ask how to enable sound and desable it.
    Even on vibration mode the sound will still working thanks

  25. Pizentu says:

    When I look in Cydia or rock, all I see is version 1.11.  take a look for yourself. If you see version 1.11 as well then delete 1.12 and reinstall 1.11.  If you are seeing 1.12 then something is wrong somewhere in my iDevices.

  26. DrEdwardo says:

    I’m having problem with 1.12 (see ).

    Does anybody know where I can get 1.11 and how to install it over 1.12?

    Cydia only has 1.12.


  27. Pizentu says:

    I am on 1.11.    iPhone 3gs 3.1.2 

  28. Vasquez1978 says:

    i have the same exact issue. i added
    and ever since i cannot access vwallpaper like you. i deleted skrew common and vwallpaper then reinstalled it but i still get kicked back to the home screen when i try to access vwallpaper…and my old wallpaper theme continues after i reinstall it.

    please help lol 🙂

  29. BrayEricka26 says:

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  30. DrEdwardo says:

    I’m running vwallpaper 1.12 on my 3GS OS3.1.3.

    Everything had been working fine … until …

    I attempted to delete a movie from within the app. I encountered the same inability that others encountered.

    I then (in retrospect foolishly) deleted the file using SSH.

    My currently selected video wallpaper still plays, however, when I try to invoke the vwallpaper control screen, I get the introductory splash screen, a whole lot of thinking, and then I get bounced back to my springboard home page.

    I can uninstall vwallpaper and skrew common but if I reinstall the app, I am back to the above situation. I.e. my iphone restarts after installing (as expected); however, my *previously* selected video wallpaper is already running WITHOUT MY RUNNING VWALLPAPER EVEN ONCE. And I can’t get past the introductory splash screen if I do try to run the control app.

    Any hints/suggestions?


  31. NBNP says:

    Ok, so im loving this app, thank you very much for it. Im currently running a iPhone 3Gs on firmware 3.1.2, everything is working fine, but i have noticed just before the video plays and ends my volume controls come up, i can deal with it, but if there is anyway to fix this i would be greatful, thanks again for any help you can give me.

  32. potemkin says:

    Hi can anyone help. I have a 3gs iphone with 3.1.2 loaded it`s been jailbroken with blackrain. I have dloaded vwallper from cydia, which installs and runs fine. If i go to choose my wallpaper and re-spring my iphone just goes back to the lock screen, when i unlock – no wallpaper – am i doing something wrong. Thanks people

  33. Classic says:

    How about a wallpaper with random bug crawling across the screen or the ability in vwallpaper to allow me to use stored video clips on my iPhone to play in the background that would be great this is a really cool app and the posibilities are really endless great work man ur a real outside of the box kind of thinker.

  34. crippsx says:

    so i started getting alot of videos ..and was wondering if you could add an option to make folders within the app..(to sort videos into categorie). i tried just adding a folder to /private/var/mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos, it showed up in vwallpaper except the app asked me if i wanted to use "folder" as my wallpaper.. just thought that would be a nice addition. also, perhaps a fast way to toggle videos from the springboard.. great app and i look forward to seeing updates ! 

  35. Diri says:

    This is a great App vor the iphone!! Next time i*ll create a few Video-Ringtones. For your next release i’ve a good idea to ad to vwallpaper. Maybe it’s possible to put a Random-Video-function in the program. I would like this. Greets Smile

  36. borillako says:

    Hi man, i saw that u would stop creating ipa’s; so I decided to join this forum to say something about it. You may think that you don’t have fan support or w/e but I think it’s just that you need to promote your apps better since they can be one of the most famous apps for the iPhone if you put work into it. I really love vwallpaper and made sure everybody i know got it. But it seems that not many people know that this exist, since everyone thats sees my iPhone when i receive a phoncall stands in awe…and i’m like "vwallpaper, look for it in cydia"…so i think you don’t need to retire, just find a way to promote your apps better…

  37. venaal says:

    I’m unable to dl version 1.12, but it seems like many people are having problems with it.  Any bugfixes thought to be coming soon?  Thanks for your hard work, there are tons of people who appreciate it.

  38. venaal says:

    I used Rock and was able to dl when Cydia didn’t work for me.

  39. Vasquez1978 says:

    hey there,
    i upgraded to vwallpaper 1.12 but i am unable to delete wallpaper videos or ringtone videos that i download.

    everything else works great!
    i currently have 3gs 3.1 .2 16g

    thanks and keep up the good job!

  40. Opiy says:
    I had Vwallpaper 1.11 before I upgraded to 1.12 and skrewcommon and it worked fine but wouldn’t start sometimes when closing apps which was ok. I saw you had the fix in 1.12 but after upgrading Cydia would no longer open and vwallpaper app would not open. On a positive note the wallpaper does seem to stay active alot more often. Got to see if I can fix this so I don’t have to restore my phone and start over 🙁
  41. joshuaclear says:

    I noticed a couple bugs related to audio when vwallpaper starts. I had a problem with my lock sound on a 3gs 3.1.2. I reinstalled the lock sound and rebooted and the problem was fixed but now i have realized that if i background i heart radio, the instant the video of vwallpaper starts, bye bye audio from my bachgrounded audio app. I turnedvwallpaper off and the problem went away so vwallpaper deffinitely the problem. Any fix for this?

  42. bilucaradecu says:


  43. sstarr07 says:

    Great app! I was sad to find this out very late. I can’t seem to find any memory leaks and battery life is still running well. Great job on this! Will donate.

  44. mario661 says:

    Hi. Very happy with the update. I did find a few bugs though.

    1. Can’t select bottom video from video repo for vringtones.
    2. Delete of videos for ringtones does not work anymore

    Going to test further, so far nothing else.

    Keep up the great work!!

  45. Ksr0893 says:

    i need some serious help. I tried to download skrewcommon and vwallpaper through cydia but cydia says it will not download it. I try through this website but it seems like the files are not with the links anymore. Any suggestions anyone on what to do ?

  46. advs1 says:

    hey i downloaded your app on my 3gs 3.1.2 iphone and there seems to be a bug. when i have the vwallpaper running i dont get calls. turned the app off and it showed i had 3 missed calls and a few voice mails. my phone is not unlocked, does that make a difference??

  47. bez54 says:

    It works fine on the 3gs. Merry Xmas

  48. Ql34Jessica says:

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  49. gsnake says:

    Thank you for the update, Merry Christmas for you too.