Don’t worry….

vWallpaper come on iOS4, i have it running on my iPhone 4 right now, i have to debug & tune up the code…

So please, stop email me, its coming ! 🙂 (preview video in this post)


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2 Responses to Don’t worry….

  1. yoel says:

    hellloo my friend please help me I love vwallpaper but i have some problem ….i used always a handsfree because i always i listent to music but everytime than i had a called the sound just i hear for the handsfree and not for the iphone …….i want to than ..1)…. the sound can i hear just for the speaker and not for the handsfree or auriculares when i used handsfree or auriculares ….. ….and ……….2)…..than when i had a called the sound will be for the SPEAKER and also for the handsfree and too for the auriculares …how CAN I do it that..pleaseee I hope you can help me thank you very much……

  2. johnnyboyjuice says:

    I’m so gald to hear you are working on this! We ALL are! thank you!