vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC2)

Tested on my iPhone 4 on iOS4.0. Remember it’s a Release candidate ! not the final version

– Update 08/07 10:32pm: Release of RC2 of SkrewCommon who should fix problem with black screen when you have winterboard installed.

Please report (and tell device – OS version). Don’t just comment when it don’t work for you, tell if it works too !

Packages for OS3 still exists, and packages for OS3 don’t get updated anymore ! Please don’t tell !


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36 Responses to vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC2)

  1. dario says:

    hemi247 says:
    2010/08/07 at 7:31 pm
    I removed winterboard and it WORKS!! 4.0.1iPhone 4
    Thanx – working

  2. dameat says:

    i am running 3.1.2 i was having no problem   on  vwallpaper .98  i just up graded to  1.14 and i have no  videos in there video folder I made the changes you recommend and still no go. Could you post  the older deb v .98  I have over 400 video  on my personal repo I hate to lose all of these video I custom made.

  3. Romeo8689 says:

    Hello there, I’m having some trouble getting my phone to silent mode and vise versa using vWallpaper ringtones. When the video ringtones are enable and switching the silent button on/off on the side of the phone, the phone still rings when off or phone will be on silent when on. Does anyone have this issues as well? Any advice will help. Thanks!Note:The only solution so far that I have is to reboot the phone each time I switch between on/off

  4. mmajicm says:

    hi skrew how could you add videos to vwallpaper, before you could down load them thru mxtube but now it’s called mitube is there another way please help, ps could you add some other videos like gucci mane and lil wayne, yo gotti  thanks brother for you"r hard work

  5. skrew says:

    It’s the RC2 of SkrewCommon, vWallpaper gui are still in RC1. RC3 (global) coming 🙂

  6. jrentzke says:

    Hi there Screw! Glad you are continuing with vWalpaper.  I installed your repo & downloaded vWalpaper, but I can’t seem to get RC2. The installed file says: v1.20 (iOS 4) RC1 for iOS4.  How do I get to install RC2? Refreshing Cydia doesn’t seem to do it.  RC1 seems to work well though – I haven’t got Winterboard installed, but every now and then the background will go black, and after locking/unlocking or launching/quitting an app, vWallpaper will show again.  Also, every now & then I go into safe mode.

    iPhone 3GS iOS v4.01


  7. Matt51723 says:

    This isn’t just a small error. I added a video wallpaper and tried to test it out, but then the app just froze. From there I backed out to the home screen to see if it came out, and the entire iPhone froze! Even if I reset the phone by holding the power button and home button and when I turn the phone on and put in my passcode and unlock the phone, it freezes again. I basically can’t do anything 🙁 Does anyone know what I can do?

    P.S. I can’t SSH into my phone because I don’t know the IP so I can’t put that in.

  8. edt41 says:

    thanks, but when i search for it, it show only 1 package for ios4

  9. Pizentu says:

    It is another app you have downloaded conflicting with vWallpaper. This happens all the time with most of the apps from cydia. Dont believe me? Go somewhere like Twitter and search some of the names like Infinidock. They were having problems. This happens anytime a new iDevice firmware comes out. It takes developers a little time to update and work out conflicting bugs. Sometimes the conflict never gets resolved and you need to choose 1 app over another. 

  10. Pizentu says:

    vWallpaper for ios3 is still available in cydia. Just Search vWallpaper for ios3.

  11. edt41 says:

    any ways to get the vWallpaper for ios3 again?

  12. hemi247 says:

    Try reinstalling the vwallpaper . If you don’t know witch 1 it’s is then try them all. This hapend to me too. Just had a bad video?

  13. Dharmablue420 says:

    First off, thanks for getting this going on the iPhone 4! But when I enable the vwallpaper, it reboots, and works fine till I open another app, then crashes the phone after I close it. Then I get the ‘sad iphone’ screen. Is this a setting I have wrong? Or a bug in the program?
    I love this app! I’ll happily buy it or donate! Hope to hear from you or get an update! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!
    -iPhone 4 ios4.0.1

  14. iCiccio2010 says:

    Hi!I try your vWallpaper but when I set a global video ringtone for all calle, i see a video and audio on preview but when I receive a call I see a video but no a Sony, I using iPhone 4.0.1 comex jbI hope to’ receive a food feedback from you…

  15. Efrahardy says:

    I have an iphone 3gs on ios 4.0.1, and the app is working fine. I am wondering if you are going to update the Ringtones app for ios 4?

  16. Pizentu says:

    The only problem is that after changing a vwallpaper, I have to lock then unlock the phone. I am NOT complaining. I am happy to have vWallpaper back. Thank you very much!!!  🙂

  17. hemi247 says:

    Ok installed update and all works perfect! Thx Skrew you rock!! Ill send new wallpaper masks when I can! Be well!!

  18. skrew says:

    You got a mail.

    You can add your videos with cydia too.

  19. skrew says:

    This problem don’t exists with myRadios or Liveradio.

    Tell to author of FStream to better handle his multitasking sound (it seem to be not compliant with iPod standard who are handled by vWallpaper.)

  20. Pizentu says:

    I have also made/converted many videos for vwallpaper. Is there a repo or something we can add them to to make them easier for people to get them? Or a way to add them to Cydia where they work with vWallpaper app and not through winterboard?

  21. Eldaroth says:

    Okay, I’m on iOS 4, iPod touch 2nd gen, MB model and I found a bug. I usually listen to FStream and go back to the homescreen and let it play, but now, after I enabled a video wallpaper on my homescreen, everytime I press the home button (and, of course, I got multitasking enabled), it stops the sound, but the app remains in the background. When fast-switching between apps, it’s not happening, only when I get to the homescreen, with the wallpaper, the sound stops, but FStream is still in the App Switcher. Please, fix this!

  22. hemi247 says:

    I removed winterboard and it WORKS!! 4.0.1iPhone 4

  23. hemi247 says:

    Yes good job on porting vw to os4 !! Sry was a bit bitter when not working on 4.0.1 any idea if you will get it to work on 4.0.1?
    Also I have some new walls for you … Super nice ones as well! Let me know where you want me to send them!! Again GOOD WORK!!

  24. kingovitch says:

    Impossible to remove the videos dowloaded on Iphone 4.0.1


  25. skrew says:

    it’s you, josh ?

  26. Buffbrianwallace says:

    It didnt work for me ether

  27. Pizentu says:

    Be patient. Skrew still has some bugs to work out. I am sure it will be working very soon. Be happy. If you know anyone with PogoPlank, we have been waiting over a year for an update. And that is a paid app. Skrew got on this pretty quick. even after he said he was not going to update it anymore. I definitely think he should have made it a 2 dollar app. Its well worth it.  That is, If he can get it working again.

  28. hemi247 says:

    Great this sucks what a tease!

  29. Pizentu says:

    which videos are you using? What extensions are they? (mp4, .mov, mpeg, wmp etc) I have tried the three that come with vwallpaper and I also have a total of 149 vWallpapers. None that I have tried have worked yet. just a black background. (iphone 3gs ios 4.0.1)

  30. mmajicm says:

    it works with some of the videos from vwallpaper ,but does not work with mitubes videos

  31. hemi247 says:

    Any fix yet for black backgrounf?? ios4.0.1



  32. Dragonscales says:

    Not working on my iPhone 4 – iOS4.0.1.  I just get a black background as well.

  33. Pizentu says:

    multitask bar now shows up but still only getting black background.

  34. Pizentu says:

    It is already available in Cydia. Make sure you have http://i.danstaface.net/deb/ as a repo and download vwallpaper for ios4

  35. stlcaddie says:

    just wondering if you need any iPhone 4 testers. If I need to donate first then that’s no problem. Please let me know, this app is wanted by many and we all respect the work you put into vwallpaper. Thank you

  36. Pizentu says:

    Not working on my 3gs running version 4.0.1. 

    All I get is a black background