vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC3)

Hi all,

Quick edit 4 sep: Please try this package and report: http://i.danstaface.net/deb/SkrewCommon166.deb (and follow @skrew on twitter for news)
Quick edit 31 aug:
Roll back on SkrewCommon. Some users reported crashing, reinstall SkrewCommon from cydia for getting previous version. 
Quick edit 30 aug: Update for SkrewCommon: Fix Twitter application. Also video looping are more accurate (please test & report this part).
Quick edit 14 aug: Update for SkrewCommon for the auto-lock regression.


– SkrewCommon: Video start after third party application crashed.
– SkrewCommon: Video start after launching third party application in folder.
– vWallpaper: completly rewrited, more Apple compliant.
– vWallpaper: You can make your own repository, it’s centralized now. See a sample here: http://i.danstaface.net/site/vwallpaper/videos/list.plist. Send your plist url to vwallpaper (at) rootmail – org
– vWallpaper & vRingtones: Display a thumbnail when availaible (or display apple logo)
– vWallpaper & vRingtones: Videos & masks got grayed when already downloaded (but you can still re-download if you want)
– vWallpaper & vRingtones: click edit to delete (more compliant)
– vRingtones: Use original ringtone if the user video don’t exists anymore (user deleted)
– vRingtones: Contact list take more infos to display (hope fix empty lines)
– vRingtones & SkrewCommon: vRingtones part still need a major rewrite.

I want to thanks some users (PizentuDewind, Josh…) who really helped me! shame on others ! 🙂

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47 Responses to vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC3)

  1. vincent says:

    i have 3.1.3 and i got vwallpaper and it wont let me set video to contacts help plzzz!!!!!!

  2. juevamann says:

    Hey matie, is the Retina display ever going to be supported? Maybe an iphone/itouch 4 version?

    I loved this on my 3g but on my 4 it’s just too pixelated compared to everything else. Any way to up the video size cap?

  3. famusc says:

    Hi, I really love this program and I have a suggestion for you: we all know that video stops while playing music. And so we get a black background. It would be really nice that when you’re playing music video is replaced by a picture (or better by a still picture /preview of the video background you’re currently using). You have introduced picture mask so I think it shouldn’t be that hard to show a picture when music is playing or generally when video is not playing.
    In addition, I want to report that video playback is not resumed after closing ipod music app (real close, not backgrounding it).

  4. Romeo8689 says:

    Ok, I removed and reinstalled the vWallpaper and skrewcommon so I’m happy to say that the sound are working again but the issue with vibrate button is still there. Somehow it doesn’t recognized the sound off/on command. It seems like the only way to make it work is to reboot my phone each time I switched the vibrate button to on and off which can be a nuisance…Does anyone have this issue? Any feedback and advice are much appreciated to see if this issue can be resolved, thanks!

  5. myzhi says:

    Official repository on cydia:


  6. jresnick14 says:
    I was just wondering if this means that we can get vwallpaper for the 4.0 and if so… whats the source just in case i don’t have it, thx,
  7. Romeo8689 says:

    Nope I do not. I only have vWallpaper, Winterboard, 3G Unrestrictor, SBSettings, Shrink, SBRotator and Installous installed.

  8. nozebleed says:

    same issue here. do you have bitesms installed by any chance? I was thinking this may be an issue with quickcompose.

  9. Romeo8689 says:

    Hi there! I’m having some sound trouble w/ the video ringtone, it seems to play the video but sounds are missing when receiving a call also it does not respond well to the silent/vibrate mode button. Is there a fix for this? Please help, any advice are appreciated. Thanks!

  10. TechXero says:
    I saw on Twitter that there was a vWallpaper update ! Is my repo included ? And I don’t see update on Cydia yet and SkrewCommon disappeared from your repo :/
    What’s up with that ?
  11. Pizentu says:

    no offense, but I do not see that happening. You will either need to find better vids to use or learn to make your own with better loops. Creating vids with a perfect loop is not so easy. You just have to learn to live with it. 

  12. Closetmonster3 says:
    Is it possible to add the option to preview new videos without downloading them?
    Also,  I saw that you can load MxTube files but I didnt see the option to do so.
  13. Closetmonster3 says:
    Is it possible to add an option to fade in the video and also have the option to fade out (to black or some other colors)? I ask because some videos fade in and when it loops, the loop is visible. If I can add a fade to black at the end, it wouldnt be as bad. Also, some videos have bad loops so a fade would be good. Perhaps a cross fade where the video end is overlapped to the beginning and fades across if desired. Can you add the fade in, fade out options with sliders to determine fade time? Just a thought to make transitions easier without having to edit videos to loop perfectly.
  14. Pizentu says:

    I have had 1 crash into safe mode. I clicked to restart normal and it has worked fine.I think the last version was perfect for my phones setup.

  15. myzhi says:

    Cydia wouldn’t let me modify / reinstall SkrewCommom. Had to remove it, which also removes vWallpaper. Manually reinstall SkrewCommon and vWallpaper. Back to normal now.

  16. fastspeeder says:

    I’m having exactly same issue .. New update is killing my phone . Crashes continuously!

  17. Pagir says:

    vwallpaper video ringtone not working on iphone 3gs  can not open/play the video ringtone (video’s from MXTUBE)

  18. myzhi says:

    The recent Skrew update is crashing my phone. If go into Safari, hit home button, phone crashes and respring in safe mode. And, if I disable video through vWallpaper app, can load up and exit safari just fine.

  19. johnle2654 says:

    Video Ringtones: The audio mutes when the videos plays with the new update. is there anyway to use the old version now after the upgrade?The  old version worked fine.

  20. eaknestle says:

    ok for Fix Twitter but

    i use 3gs v.4.0.1

    i can set this program

    but when test by sb call to me

    that show vringtone but no sound (Voulume mark is low line)

    pls adj it.

    in Mobilesubstrate I installed

    Activator,Applist,FiveIconCock,FolderCloser,MobileVoumeSound,Multiconmover, Pdfpatch,Preferenceloader,Unrestrictor3g,witerboarde,fis.libhide,zringtoneHook

  21. Pizentu says:

    Thanx skrew. Just wanted to make Sure.

  22. skrew says:

    There are not retina support ATM

  23. skrew says:

    No, or not by me.

  24. Pizentu says:

    I have uploaded over 60 vWallpapers to my repo and I have never generated a single .plist file. Was I supposed to? I do not see why. Anyway They still work just fine. I do not believe you need to make 2 separate sizes unless there is an update soon for larger vids on iphone 4.  You do need to remember to have a thumbnail image (80×100) in the same folder as the video. 

  25. TechXero says:
    Hey Guys !
    I am in the process of creating a Repo for vWallpaper of my own ! But I got a few questions.
    For 3GS I put videos in STD folder then an HD Folder for iPhone 4 version of those same videos so I have 2 copies of each video, 1 in 320×480 n another in 640×960. so I generated 2 .plist files.
    1. Does that mean I got 2 Repos ? 
    2. How do I go by submitting ?
    3. Will both Repos be added ?
    4. Or should I merge all into same folder ?
    THanks 😉
  26. Pizentu says:

    I am under the impression that the videos are all 320×480 (even On iphone 4) is this correct? Or does the iphone 4 need to be 640×960?

  27. SShheena1 says:

    I had an iphone and loved your app.  but I got an HTC HD2 and can’t figure out if it will work on this phone.  Will it? my son in law says yes.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  28. Tester.Anwar says:

    Great App….Few issues that I came across while testing it on iPhone3G iOS4.0.1

    1. If vringtone is enabled then user is unable to disconnect the call using power button when iPhone screen is in locked mode. When power button is pressed once it silences the vringtone but on second press of power button nothing happens.


    2. When iPhone is in vibrating mode then vringtone plays audio of video ringtone selected. This kills the purpose of vibrating mode. It would be better if vringtone only vibrates and plays video (no audio part) when iPhone is in vibrating mode.


  29. skrew says:

    The last update fix this when you close folder with home button, not when you click outside.. It’s another issue

  30. WValentine says:

    I also would like to know where to get more vringtones?

  31. Lemmywinks says:

    This bug is happening to me and my friend as well.

  32. rush2049n64 says:

    my longest was like 25sec but does anyone know how long is the max?

    also i would want an HD video cause i have an iphone 4 what would be the res to put i tried 640×960 but some of the video was cut out thanks in advance

  33. RichieE46 says:

    Vibrate is not working for me when I use the vibrate switch, It also disregards the volume. I lowered the volume all the way down, and the videos play at max volume still.

    I apologize if this is a known issue. I couldnt find it in the changelogs.I have the latest downloads from your repo


    Otherwise, Videos work great. I have no other issues. 

    Iphone 4, iOS 4.0.0


    Other software JB software installed:

    My3G, MyWi, iFIle, Winterboard, Installous, Activator, Five Icon Dock, Glasklart HD theme, Infinifolders, SB Setting, MiTube


    Just as I did for vwallpaper 3.0…I’ll make a donation when i get extra cash =)


  34. fastspeeder says:

    found a bug when closing a folder in ios4 if you dont close from home button but tap the "origination folder" itself to close the folder it does so but leaves the vwallpaper black. if you then hit home button it will kick the vwallpaper on again.

  35. Cheoving says:

    hi can anybody help me, i want to download others new videos to put as at videoringtones how can i do it??

  36. frankyjohn says:

    I have thousands of contacts – is there any way to jump / search to the contact i want to assign a video ring tone to?   The contactgs also don’t seem to even be in alphabetical order.


    Overall, a great product though! 

  37. fastspeeder says:

    Ahhhh heard and understood, thanks !

  38. skrew says:

    iPhone OS can’t play sound while video playing (iPod stop when you take a video too).

    vWallpaper stop video playing when you listen something, if vWallpaper start, iOS will stop iPod … it’s not what you want ? 🙂

  39. fastspeeder says:

    Looks like gui was removed . My best guess is ssh into phone and add manually . But unless ur making ur own I haven’t found other repos yet?

  40. fastspeeder says:

    Have u caught the bug where the wallpaper blacks out during iTunes playback in background .. Also same during pockettunes .. Thanks!

  41. Kwando says:

    thx for the app! 


    how do i add more repos?  I don’t have the video repositories tab

  42. nozebleed says:

    Found a bug, if you open an app in a folder, then close the app, then close the folder the springboard will stay black. open an app on the springboard, close, wallpaper comes back. I see there was an update that was supposed to fix this (I think) but it’s not working for me.

  43. nozebleed says:

    cool thanks. yeah, I did a little digging with VideoSpec on an included vid in the app and found it was converted with isquint, which is the same dev I believe. thanks for the tut I’ll check out your channel on the tube when I get a minute to mess around with it again. Thanks!

  44. Alastair86 says:

    Hi i am Alastair, i have my iphone 4 jail broken.. and i followed the steps from itune to install the vringtone, everything seems alright to the last step i clicked on it, it launch but i try to click on covert ringtones, it go back to the menu screen, may i have some help on this? i runing on 4.01 firmware. hope to here a reply soon and thanks alot..




  45. Pizentu says:

    I use virtualdub alot to change video dimensions. Search  ‘virtualDub" on youtube. You will find a few good tutorials. You may also need other video processors in order to get the right format. See my Youtube channel, You will understand what I am talking about. The video is called "convert videos for vWallpaper". Its the same process as vRingtones video.

  46. nozebleed says:

    thanks for your hard work, i’m trying to make my own vRingtones, what application do you use to convert to 320×480? Everything Ive found only converts to 480×320, it works but doesnt fill the screen like your included video tones. Thanks in advance!

  47. jrentzke says:

    Working well so far.  I like the new icon -very sexy!  iPhone 3GS iOS 4.01