vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC4)


SkrewCommon: Fixes crash & twitter problem (report on this)
vWallpaper: Add repository support (how to come)
vWallpaper: Fixes thumbnail for somes videos who don’t have the same name (if you get blank thumbnail, just browse download, it will download the good thumbnail)

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55 Responses to vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC4)

  1. sapphire989 says:

    vWallpaper 1.20 RC5

    When the dynamic play in the main screen , iBlacklist v4.2.1 as to intercept telephone vwallpaper will make stops playing, then will the state of suspended animationFrown


  2. Lucas Masotti says:

    A think that I find a bug:

    When you open a APP that is inside a folder and close it. The vWallpaper will not start and the background will be black untill you press Home again.

    vWallpaper, 4.2.1

  3. Musicfan111 says:

    Please help. I have an iphone4 running on 4.1 jailbroken and veallpaper was running fine until I noticed an ad banner on myHomescreen running whenever I use my vwallpaper. The vwallpaper would run as normal and all of a sudden freeze. When it startsMoving again, a random ad banner shows up on the screen directly below the status bar. Please help asap. Has anyone experienced this?!

  4. sugen says:

    My iphone4 FREEZE on Springboard when i selected one of the video in vwallapaper..What can i do beside RESTORE iphone & RE-JAILBREAK.. I press on POWER & HOME button to reboot. But, once reach springboard. It just FREEZE.. Pls help how to get out of this

  5. xokisha says:

    when i try to edit the video ringtone for a specific contact vwallpaper freezes and shuts down. Please can you provide us with a fix for this?

  6. colin says:

    hi screw, i really love this vwallpaper, but after the last update it seem alway crash when i enable video wallpaper on my iphone4 4.1. after enable it then i hit home button, it start crash and go to safe mode all the time. when i restart my phone after safe mode, when i go to safari orother apps, after i hit button, its also go to safe mode. so can u please fix it as fast as u can. i has problem only with video wallpaper, video ringtone is still good.i really wanna use it.. please update and fix it…THANKS 

  7. shahram says:

    it would be great if you could add landscape playing of videos,

    right now any video which is not sized for portrait , is shown on "top" 1/3 of the screen,

    a little annoying.



  8. shahram says:

    when selecting a video for a specific contact, vwallpaper crashes….

    is there a fix for this?

  9. Pizentu says:

    There is a new video claiming vWallpaper works on iPad. I thought the ipad wasn’t supported. I don’t see any official statement from Skrew here on the site about it working on the iPad. Just wondering if its a hoax? 

  10. Pizentu says:

    You have done something wrong. Its not Quite fair to blame Skrew for this. After the latest update, I had a similar problem. I believe the problem was downloading the wrong version, or from the wrong source. I dont remeber exactly how I fixed it but I think I had to go invia ssh and delete it.

  11. Pizentu says:

    You can make your own repo on MyRepoSpace.com. You can submitit to ModMyi.com or you can submit it through other sites that allow user submissions. There are many out there. iG33kstas.com is one. I personally recommend Modmyi. It will get more exposure that way.

  12. Pizentu says:

    but it is much too long. You dont really want to use such a large file. It is best to use files no larger than 1 minute. I have a video showing how to convert videos to vWallpaper on youtube. Search PizentuDewind on youtube and find it on my channel. First you will need to download the video. Many tutorials to chose from to teach you that.

  13. Dannyk90 says:

    When going on and off apps the background goes black for a sec.

    While music is playing the background is black.

    Sometimes a message apears but most of it is blocked by the apps and i can see it is asking me to register at somewhere and while this message is visible the background pauses.

    Sometimes the background dosnt work and is black, it seems to work again once i lock and unlock my phone again.

    While the video wall paper is enabled i am unable to change the lockscreen picture.

    And my idea is we should be able use our own local pictures on our phone as the picture mask.

  14. jokerpoker81 says:

    Hi, this is NOT good…..after uninstalling this appz, i cannot set normal wallpaper……………..and reinstalling it is not ok, it gives an error message about trying to overwrite a file which is also in skrew package……same message appears even after deleting the file, and also trying other sources as well…………………..uninstalled it because videos DID NOT appear……..and after trying several times of installing from all sources, and respring etc, i got the normal wallpaper settings back……but vwallpaper is NOT uninstalled even though i tried…………sorry but *thumbs down*….

  15. ok_la says:

    Great App..Is it possible to mute the sound when the phone is on slient/vibrate mode?

  16. lmame says:

    Hi 🙂

    First it’s cool to have it back again on my Iphone 😉

    I have the same problem. From time to time, the video volume just goes to 0 (no white square like already said) and I can’t figure how to change the sound back to full or something again (apart from rebooting). Has anyone an idea? 

  17. want_seeThruIpod says:

    I know i want one soo badly too..my username shuld point that out..if this is able to work ( and knowing these guys..ANYTHING can work).. the only problem is the huge battery life drain..the only fix i was able to think of was shutting off the background when you open an app.. of course that will make the app switching a little bit slower but im able to live with that


  18. NBNP says:

    Finally gave up, can’t find a way to contact the creator and with no help or response i gave up, I’ll wait for MivTones to be updated, and put up with just ringtones till then. Thanks anyway guys.

  19. Gafgarian420 says:

    So I was hoping somewhere here might be able to help me with an idea I’ve been working on. What is the possibility of making your vwallpaper the live feed from the iPhones camera?

  20. NBNP says:

    Hey guys, great app as always, after fixing alot of the problems i was having with this i have one quick question. I have contact specific ringtones and they work fine, but ONE contact, and one contact alone seems to not work. No matter what video i set hers too its ALWAYS the global video? Anyone else have this problem and is there a fix if you guys have?

  21. Groove Town says:


    Very great App ! Congratulations !

    Is it possible to add the vwallpaper app into the SMS background ? It would be nice, because I’m fed up with the grey behind my bubbles !

    Thanks and go on…

  22. darrink1 says:

    Great iPhone app.
    Please work on allowing 640 x 960 mp4 video’s.
    How can I add repositories to the list? Can I do this from a .plist file in the skrew directory?


  23. kennyvisag says:

    ringtones crashes on 4.1 are you working on it?

  24. Zeonn says:

    Is there anyway that video wallpapers from themes be converted to work with vWallpaper?  I have three files in mp4 format, but the pixel height and depth aren’t the right proportions.  Does anybody know of an App that can change the pixel sizes of videos?


  25. iGoTiT4FrEe says:

    Great app,pitty it chews the shit out of the battery but i guess that is to be expected. I really like a suggestion above about the .gif images as a background,that would be killer and im guessing use a lot less power…..


    Im not sure if its because of the vid or not but it also seems to crash after just sitting on the home screen for a few mins (PlasmaBall). I tried a different video (ElectricBlue) with the Shrooms picture mask and it is working just fine so im not sure if its just the video itself or what. 

    Also another thing I noticed is that if I have 5 icons on the dock it will crach the springboard EVERYTIME you return to the home button.I noticed it would always come back from safemode reboot with one icon back on my springboard. So I tested it a few times and sure enough as soon as I put the 5th icon back on the dock,it crashed.Without the 5th icon (but 5 icon dock still installed)  it runs just fine and iv been surfing the net,changing settings,browsing cydia and all is well


    iPod Touch 2G MB Model 4.0 (JB with Redsn0w) 

    my 2 cents 

  26. jumanji72 says:

    Greetings and congratulations for this great application.
    Would it be possible to create a video with this video wallpaper youtube? … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMhYhm-ZIYc, what would I do if I knew, but this out of my knowledge.
    The video is a lap to Fiorano from Fernando Alonso’s helmet.
    Many thanks in advance, keep so!

  27. ericmac017 says:

    Here is a quick tutorial I made:  


  28. cruelas says:


  29. SteWaTec says:

    I also have the problem that vWallpaper falls if I vRintone to a contact assigns. This is not possible. Do you have a solution for me?

    Otherwise the program is very good and I hope that it is improved even further.

  30. gho1562 says:

    Hello there

  31. lydian49 says:

    I had the same problem on my iPhone 4 4.1 firmware.  I just rebooted and that fixed the problem for me.

  32. agleung says:
    Respringing works. Hope there is a bug fix soon.
  33. Temseel says:

    Hi Idanteface, Please can you work on a vWallpaper program for IPAD, as i have manually made my own and got them working via ssh my video files compatible with IPAD to Stash folder on my ipad and having to create individial folders for each one i create. However if you could come up with a new program for IPAD users …that would be awesome, as you have the technical know how….i am am no programer, just a user and got the my own created Ipad video wallpapers working on my jailbroken ipad. my email is temseel.geoffrey@tiscali.co.uk if you or anyone has questions.

  34. stepmic says:

    Hi, I have find two bugs for the RC4 of the vwallpaper for ios4. First one is that the video wallpaper is stop when I was playing music. After I quit the ipod application, I need to respring the iphone4, then the video wallpaper start again. The second one is that sometimes after I open the application, then turn off it back to the home screen, the iphone4 can’t go to sleep itself(I have choose the iphone go to sleep mode after 1 minute), the back light still swithch on, can’t sleep automatically after 1 minute. I hope the above opinion can help you to improve the vwallpaper and fix in the future build. Keep up the great work! Don’t let this program die! Vwallpaper is amazing program!!! Thankyou. Stephen-Lui

  35. mario661 says:


    I can confirm that selecting a contact for a video ringtone crashes on IOS4.1.

    One suggestion: is it possible to check whether there is an active Bluetooth connection and if so – disable to video ringtone? It doesn’t play anyway and it interferes with the normal function of the phone (in my case: my music stops and vribate keeps going even after I hung up,

    Keep up the great work! Don’t let this program die!

  36. hesaves0211 says:

    Thats great that vwallpaper is working for ios4 now, im just trying to find a good video editor but besides that, IT WOULD KICK ARSE IF YOU COULD SSH .GIF IMAGES into the app and use them as wallpapers?!!?!? PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! Cool

  37. knight913 says:


  38. johnnyboyjuice says:

    Hey hey! I’ve been making vringtones and vwallpapers and I was wondering if I could submit them to your repo in the app. They are all in the 320×480 mp4 format, and I spent quite a while making them, and it would be nice for others to benefit from the work ive been doing. Ive made music video ones and movie ones and they are pretty dope. Lets face it there’s not a whole lot in the repo and it could a few more. Thanks!!!

  39. chesttai3 says:
    Hi Pal, thanks for the app this is really awesome. Just 1 comment, the app stops when playing music. Would this be fix in the next release? Thanks again. Great Job
  40. johnnyboyjuice says:

    Omg, I am so happy you’ve finished it for ios4! I’ve seen your youtube video where you showed that you had been working on it and checked here every now and again. So glad it works with auto-lock! I will be donating soon, unfortunately I was fired last month for smoking a little reefer over the weekend and money is extremely tight. I know, I’ve no-one to blame but myself for that one! But thanks!

  41. Val says:

    Same here, it’s one feature I want most.. Besides having videos resize if need be by app..

    Please fix 🙂

  42. jekaman says:

    Same problem here

  43. jekaman says:

    Same Here

  44. niksinfo says:

    it took me over a month of trying to figure out why twitter stopped working all of a sudden – the strangest of errors, damn it reinstaileld that app over 50 times! errors should idealy be reported on the cydia page cos iuno wat got into me just before.. lyin in bed bout to sleep.. thgt i’l go thru cydia.. wasnt really using vWallpaper so uninstalled that along with SkrewCommon… was just about to go unsintall twitter.. thgt ONE LAST TRY.. and VOLA it works again. but yes please makes this aware to others more vivdly as it might not oonly be twitter thats facing this problem.


    very badly coded app! but good concept

  45. winxp2003 says:

    look .good


  46. Romeo8689 says:

    I’m having the same issue but it seems like the developer do not have a resolution for this bug at the moment…the best advice I can give you for now is to respring or reboot ur phone each time after switching between silent mode on/off. That’s how I’m handling this issue, it may or may not work and can be a nuissance but until this bug is fix we’re just shit out of luck till then. Hope this helps!

  47. eXtremeDevil says:

    When my iPhone is in silent mode the video sounds. I don’t want that to happen. How?

  48. johnle2654 says:

    Contact Vringtones:

    The program seems to crash after trying to select individual contact Vringtones.Is there anyway you can roll it back again?

  49. stlcaddie says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to have animated multitasking folder backgrounds. Great work on vwallpaper, by far the best iPhone mod I’ve ever used and I’ve used it since day one. Great job

  50. mistermariio says:


    i just wanted to report that somehow, when someone is calling, the video starts to play, but the volume HUD (with the speaker symbol) comes up and shows that its completely off (no square is white) and the video plays without sound (my iPhone isnt in silent mode and all volumes (ringtone & iPod) are on maximum.

    is that a bug?


    please fix that. you app is so awesome!!