Merry X-Mas ! Finally, RC5

Hi ppl,

There are the RC5 release, with vRingtones enhancement.


– Fixed get/set vRingtones in vWallpaper app.
– Fixed mute button detection.
– Works when iPod or other audio application play.

I would like to work on new features, so i hope vWallpaper and vRingtones works for most users now.

Again, Merry X-Mas to all 😉 

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25 Responses to Merry X-Mas ! Finally, RC5

  1. Al joker says:


    Can somebody tell me how can I download themes from here

    It’s my firt time

  2. Frankwhite says:

    My video ring tone, is showing small
    when I get a phone call. Please help.

  3. irishgond says:

    Still no answer for this, can you please reply…

  4. coldfire0101 says:

    how do we add new sources /repo’s to vWallpaper?

  5. irishgond says:

    Does vwallpaper support the video resolution for the iPhone 4 (640×960) as I can’t get them to display properly. They all have to be resized to 320×480..???

  6. sapphire989 says:

    vWallpaper 1.20 RC5

    When the dynamic play in the main screen , iBlacklist v4.2.1 as to intercept telephone vwallpaper will make stops playing, then will the state of suspended animation


  7. icecoldkilla says:
    Just want to say THANK YOU so much for this app!!! Im glad the multiple contact thing got working … 🙂 im using iphone 3gs 4.2.1 and so far so good. thanks again! 🙂 
  8. dfirman says:

    Very cool app love it. Working good on iphone4 and 4.2.1. One thought, when I receive calls sometimes I will tap the volume up or down button to stop ringing or vibration, I notice when you do this the video stops? Would be cool if it kept playing silently, otherwise cool !!

  9. Goliath2000 says:

    I’m running on iphone 4 With 4.2.1, vwallpaper works fine beside that the background turns to black when opening apps. It happened when returning back to homescreen

  10. Aaron Geoffrey says:

    vWallpaper 1-20-5 version & SkrewCommon for OS4 version 1-60-7I have been using vWallpaper fine for 8 months on my iPhone 4 on OS4 on firmware 4.1However I updated the changes or updates within Cydia, yesterday, and the updates made my springboard and phone crash and go into safe mode every time.So annoyed, ended up uninstalling the vWallpaper and SkrewCommon , as soon as they were uninstalled, the phone didn,t crash, and was working fine.I hope the new update has caused the same issue with other users, and this can be resolved asap and update version added to Cydia please.

  11. EMINENT says:
    To Jabanero:
    I use vWall, bite, and lockinfo and don’t experience any issues except for the occasional slow down between switching apps.
    Still having my vwall freeze when ipod is playing in background. 
  12. xYkZz says:

    When I mute my iPhone 3G(4.1) the phone still rings with vWallpaper… You said it was fixed, but it doesn’t seem so. Please reconsider it and repair these glitches in RC6 before working on new features. I had to uninstall vWallpaper because it rang even in muted state 🙁

  13. Jabanero says:

    The conflict is either:
    vWallpaper -> LockInfo
    vWallpaper -> BiteSMS

    Lockinfo & BiteSMS do not conflict with each other as I have confirmed and tested with their respective developers.

  14. Jabanero says:

    vWallpaper has the potential to be one of the coolest and most used mods for the iPhone but there are still some major issues with compatibility. There is a major conflict between vWallpaper, BiteSMS and LockInfo. These three will not work together although they work fabulously without vWallpaper.

  15. niravpatel132 says:

    Hi skrew, I downloaded a videoringtone yesterday from Mxtube and at first it worked but now its not working….

  16. mario661 says:

    Great program. But I run into the same bluetooth problems as well. I think that it would be best to disable the video ringtone when blutooth is switched on and connected (or user option to disable the video ringtone  when bluetooth is switched) Can this be done? Love the program!

  17. BlIzZaRd69 says:


    I have the same problem…

    i was so happy to see, that is was fixed! Seeing the animation-background while listen to music… but still not working for me.. =(

    Also Iphone 4 on 4.1

    Any Tips by anybody?



  18. ok_la says:

    When you have bluetooth headset connected and using it to answer calls, music won’t stop playing, phone keep on vibrating if you have mute on. The only way to stop it is to reboot the phone. Please fix this before adding more feature…

  19. Musicfan111 says:

    Please help. I have an iphone4 running on 4.1 jailbroken and veallpaper was running fine until I noticed an ad banner on myHomescreen running whenever I use my vwallpaper. The vwallpaper would run as normal and all of a sudden freeze. When it startsMoving again, a random ad banner shows up on the screen directly below the status bar. Please help asap. Has anyone experienced this?!

  20. lwglwsss says:

    I setup the desktop video with vwallpaper. I tried several times, but failed, the desktop is wallpaper still. Then I restart the ipod,and then go to "white apple".

    ios4.1, ipod touch mc model

  21. lyujiel says:

    Hi skrew,

    Thanks for making this wonderful application.

    I’ve just know about this application recently on youtube and i just downloaded it from cydia yesterday. If im not wrong, it should be the latest version. 

    One thing im experiencing is that sometimes when i go to the iphone settings, and when i click the home button to go back my springboard, the springboard will crash and enter into safemode. Hope that you can fix this soon! 

    I’ve tried uninstalling winterboard from Cydia but it’s no use. So i really hope you can fix this problem soon.!


    Thanks a million. Oh by the way, i’m on iPhone 3GS iOS 4.1

  22. lwglwsss says:

    Click the home button sometimes springboard will crash, and then go to safe mode.

  23. agleung says:

    I removed RC4 as I cannot answer calls in my car via Bluetooth. The car audio does not ring and pressing the answer call on the sterring wheel disconnects the call. Only way to answer call is to answer on iPhone then select car bluetooth handsfree which is not ideal for driving. No mention of fix in changelog. Just wondering is this was reported before. Merry Christmas and really appreciate your work.

  24. shahram says:

    oh man I was so looking forward to this,

    the vringtone in this one now has some major problems for me (iphone 4 4.1),

    if I am on springboard, everthing is ok,

    but when applications are open for exampe "contacts", or "safari, or "ipod", etc,

    it doesnt work, weather is the default tone or for an specific contact,

    it just shows the first frame of the video and then "nothing", as if the phone is in silent mode.

    I think I am gonna go back to rc4 for now.

  25. EMINENT says:



    First off, thanks for the great app!

    Question about the update, am I understanding correctly that if I have iPod running with backgrounder and I go to homescreen, I should see vWallpaper animating now?  If this is the case, it is not working for me.  I am using an iPhone 4 on 4.1.

    Also, do you think there will ever be support for sbrotator to rotate a video or at least the picture mask?

    That would be fantastic!