For using vWallpaper, Ringtones (…) you have to add my repository on Cydia:


Detailled steps:

  • Tap the “Cydia” icon on your jailbroken iPhone’s springboard.
  • Open the “Manage” tab after Cydia finishes updating. Press the “Sources” button.
  • Press “Edit” in the upper-right corner, then “Add.”
  • Type “” and press “Add Source.” After Cydia verifies the source, press “Return to Cydia.”
  • Open the “Search” tab and type “vWallpaper.” Tap on the “vWallpaper” listing in the search results.
  • Press “Install,” then “Confirm.” After the download finishes, tap “Return to Cydia,” then press the “Home” button on the iPhone to quit.


Enjoy ! 🙂

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124 Responses to Repository

  1. Bilal Eco Cayir says:

    hello, do not you want to re-validate your game for ios 12?

  2. Vladimir says:

    ios 8.4.1 JB, on the lock screen – good works, on a Homescreen -black screen. FIX please!

  3. B.R. says:

    This is literally the best tweak I’ve ever had on all of my iPhones. Waaaaay better than my vtones back in the day! Please update this gem so I can show off my iPhone 7 and make all those android users jealous.

  4. Harbir Lohia says:

    Plz update vwallpaper iOS 10.2

  5. Dang says:

    Hello was wondering why it’s not working properly on ios 8 some of us did not upgrade to ios 9 curently geting a black screen on ios 8 plz help fix

  6. Josevi says:

    Hi I have the following problem, all works perfect but when I go to the download section it wont show anything all of them are emptie, is there any solution for this ?

  7. Missamaminenana says:

    I don’t Know why it’s impossible to disable anymore , everything is enabled (lockscreen video, springboard video, video ringtone…), i can’t select which thing i want to enable or disable since a few days… Why?

  8. Jack says:

    I had the same problem as Hussien Ahmad, and his fix works for my iphone IOS 8.3. I got the beta expiration message. I uninstalled vwallpaper 2 for IOS 8 and redownloaded version 0.3.0-4.

  9. Hussien Ahmad says:

    Oops, it works, sorry I have my Reduce Motion on. Now that is off both homescreen and lockscreen works perfect. Thank you, to the developer. Amazing Job.

  10. Hussien Ahmad says:

    No Vasco, today 16th of May I received an update to version 0.3.0-4, but to my disappointment homescreen still black screen, the lockscreen though on the hand work perfect. FYI I’m running ios 8.1.2

  11. Vasco says:

    I have the same problem. I’m running IOS 8.3 did u ever find a fix?

  12. Hussien Ahmad says:

    Vwallpapers not working anymore with message beta expired. get the last version. Applied still not working with black screen. Is there an upgrade version coming? Please respond on how to solve this problem, I really like this tweak, thank you.

  13. Hussien Ahmad says:

    I have been using Vwallpaper on my iphone and ipad since October 2015 until recently it says “Beta expired” and it stop working. I’m using ios 8 till now still waiting for ios 9.3 to be jailbreak. Question is, Am I not going to received any more upgrade from ios 8 or otherwise. Please respond ASAP. Thank You

  14. you fans says:

    PLS update IOS8,we need you,Thanks!

  15. Steve says:

    vWallpaper 2 for iOS 8 has a black background when enabled?!?
    Not good!!
    Please advise.
    Thank You.

  16. ArTzMegs says:

    pls update vwallpaper2 to ios 9.0

  17. ArTzMegs says:

    pls update vwallpaper to ios 9.0

  18. Vj says:

    Hey, great tweak! Thank you.

    Would it be possible for you to enable the panorama effect on ios 7?

    Thanks again.

  19. Vision says:

    Beta Vwallpaper for ios8 is now expired and not working,HELP!

  20. Ayako says:

    I’m getting an error message “Sorry Beta expired. Get latest version, use the office repository. Application will exit.” The application is downloaded through your repository…HELP 🙂

  21. haofanwang says:

    What time to update the IOS8.1.2?

  22. kristoffer says:

    hey fix the vwallpaper icon for ios 8.1.2 then all is epic!! how to support your work? 🙂

  23. haofanwang says:


  24. Abhi says:


    I am using iphone 5 and neither the ripple effect working that good as it was in ios7 nor the video ringtone …


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