For using vWallpaper, Ringtones (…) you have to add my repository on Cydia:


Detailled steps:

  • Tap the “Cydia” icon on your jailbroken iPhone’s springboard.
  • Open the “Manage” tab after Cydia finishes updating. Press the “Sources” button.
  • Press “Edit” in the upper-right corner, then “Add.”
  • Type “” and press “Add Source.” After Cydia verifies the source, press “Return to Cydia.”
  • Open the “Search” tab and type “vWallpaper.” Tap on the “vWallpaper” listing in the search results.
  • Press “Install,” then “Confirm.” After the download finishes, tap “Return to Cydia,” then press the “Home” button on the iPhone to quit.


Enjoy ! 🙂

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124 Responses to Repository

  1. robert inglee says:

    Are you gonna update this to work on ios8 iphone 6

  2. Jack says:

    HI is your vWalppaper out for IOS8 would be very happy because

  3. Larry says:

    iOS 7.1.1 vWallpaper was working but for some reason it now keeps crashing the system any ideas to why? On my 4s it came up with beta expired would this be the reason? Cheers larry

  4. Redbul says:

    Its not working anymore my iphone 5s and ipad crashed manytimes can u update pls

  5. fayçal says:

    hi my bro please update vwallpaper2 io7 for IOS7.1.1

  6. Zane says:

    How do I unistall vwallpaper 2. I have it uninstalled right now and my wallpaper that I had before is there but it has no color just black and grey. The is no skrewcommon anywhere, I put my phone in safe mode to uninstall vwallpaper 2 and my lock screen and home screen went back to normal but as soon as I took it out of safe mode they both went back to being black and grey.

  7. terrell says:

    if i made and i put it in the media/vwallpaper2 folder how do i get it to show up in the app so i can set it?

  8. Mario says:

    Actualicen para el iOS 7.0.4 pliss!

  9. Flandre Scarlet says:

    I am haveing trobble installing vwallpaper2 for ios 4
    i found it on cydia but when i try to install it i get cannot comply
    at the bottom in a red box it says
    i have ios 4.3.5 on 3gs
    thanks for the help in advance :3

  10. AndyB says:

    Looked really nice on ios v6 nice then all went horribly wrong. Tried to uninstall and my phone now crashes to safe mode whatever I do. Will have to restore and suspect that I will get forced to 6.1.3 from 6.1 and then be unable to jailbreak my iPhone 4. Wish I had left this one well alone.

  11. Yohnas says:

    Hello. why there is not a version for ios 3.1.3? Thanks a lot!

  12. Selcuk says:

    Hi frends,

    I want to tell you my problem..

    I have installed vwallp. Too, its realy great app, i like it too much, but it have a issue on my iphone5..

    If its a vwallp on, goes my iphone not un sleep mode.
    I must alleways close it manually.

    Have you any fix fir my problem?

    Best regards

  13. mina says:

    hello mate,
    i need to remove vwallpaper2 ios6 from my iphone 5
    when i remove it put me in safe mode

  14. cydianews says:

    work smoothly, thank you Dear… 🙂

  15. Jackie says:

    hi,thanks for your application,it is awesome :d the problem is that installed it because when i add your repo,it results empty!!!!!:(

  16. lee says:

    Hey man awesome app! I do have a prob though. The videos for the lock screen work once and then it freezes it like a picture then the video doesnt comeback. I have an i5 and Im on ios 6 6.0.

  17. Andrew says:

    Where are the videos stored on the iphone?
    Can we upload some video to your depo? Or can we drop them directly in via i-funbox? Cant wait to see some titties bouncing!

  18. pierrick says:

    I installed vwallpaper for ios 6 on my iphone 4s but when it is installed springboard screen remains lit. I have to manually LOCK. why does he do that?

  19. Pole says:

    HI, unfortunately is not the key lock Auot
    And when you phone in your ear when the siri and does happen again remains the dispaly black
    Iphone 5 Ios 6.1.

  20. Jezza says:

    Vwallpaper is a superb app just wondering if you are any nearer to releasing a vwallpaper2 for ios6 please? Im using the older version on my ios6 but it has too many bugs

  21. Jannis Tenbrink says:

    Your tweak is working on iOS 6.1 (iPhone 4), but the lockscreen wallpaper almost never works, sometimes shows without animations, most of the times doesn’t show at all. Looking forward to an update 🙂

  22. fred says:

    hi screw, are you going to be updating vwallpaper for iphone 5 ios6 anytime soon. your tweak is my primary reason for jailbreaking!! it works at the mo (although its the update for ios5) but freezes after lockscreen. will happily donate (again) if you do 🙂

  23. Juan says:

    porque no ponen la app en appstore?
    tengo un iphone 5 y si no hago el JB no puedo usar la app 🙁

  24. Slash says:

    Hey man, I have a problem, I want to install the vwallpaper for ios 4.2.1 I added already the in cydia but when I go to cydia and search the vwallpaper just pop up the vwallpaper 2, I can’t find the version for ios 4.2.1. Can you help me?? Thanks

  25. Yudi says:

    Dude…ur app is awasome…loved it.need a favor.if u can make a video of raining money and share it.need this video badly.thnks man

  26. ana rose says:

    skrew i have ip4 wid 4.3.3 jb,when i add ur repo only vwallpaper 2 for ip5 ,how can i install vwallpaper on my iphone4?,i love dat app very much,,,ty

  27. pasquale says:

    I have an iphone 3gs with ios to 4.2.1 can not download because vwallpaper nellla search only vwallpaper 2 for ios 5 how can I do to vwallpaper for ios 4.0?

  28. Dean Rigby says:

    Looks like a great app. I followed the steps but it would only download “vWallpaper 2 for iOS5”. I’m running iOS4 on an iPhone 3G. How can I get a version that will work with that?

  29. Andrew says:

    Just to let you know that the screen freezes on the home screen after using the grooveshark app.
    Nice app though … hopefully you can iron this out.

  30. Dong says:

    hello.i found a problem while using vwallaper 2.when i set a silent video for ringtone,there will be no ringtone but only vibration when a call comes in.could you please add a function that allows the system ringtone while using a silent video?looking forward to your reply.thanks a lot.

  31. skrew says:

    Tell to pizentu Dewind (look on twitter to contact him)

  32. claybird says:

    How much would it be to make me a custom wallpaper video. I have this vid I want to be my wallpaper. Plz lmk.

  33. Mike says:

    Need help.. Im have iphone 4s ver 5.1.1 When i install IOS5 0.0.9-26 on my phone and after i respring. phone crashes into safemode. when i remove vwallpaper. Phone works fine. I have seen this app on my buddies phone and love it. really want it for mine Help!!!!

  34. Mits says:

    I’ve installed latest version, bt not working, n my device gone to safe mode. wt to do now?

  35. Chris says:

    Love the app but I’m having some minor issues.
    After installing the app and enabling video on the lock screen when I type in my password I no longer hear the “keyboard click” sound, I also noticed when I press the power button (to lock my iPhone 4) I no longer hear the “click” sound and when I plug my phone into both the computer or power outlet I no longer hear the “ding” sound effect. Both the “lock sounds” and “keyboard clicks” are turned on in “Settings”.
    Other observations:
    1. “Particles per page” doesn’t always work, I’m currently using “BottomFire.plist”.
    2. “Effect on icons”: this doesn’t always work, I’ve tried both “Fire1.plist” and “VioletGlow.plist”.
    When these effects stop working I have to respring in order to get them working.
    3. After making changes device doesn’t always respring.
    4. “Picture Mask” if I toggle this option off the background turns “black” and changing the wallpaper in “settings” does not solve the problem even after respring.
    I haven’t tried video ring tones yet so I can’t comment.
    If you need anymore info or testing just let me know. I love the app and would love to help make it even better!

  36. mikiespikiewolf says:

    well i like a loads but when i use video lockscreen (IOS 5) it crashes the springboard… does this feature support ios 5?

  37. systemadd1ct says:

    Great app, love the video wallpaper on the lock screen. One issue though, can see others have mentioned it, the phone is silent when you get a call if you enable to video lock screen wallpaper?? Is this still a bug or am I doing something wrong…? 🙂

  38. Allan Urbina says:

    Hi, great app, working on my Iphone 4, but problems with my Ipad 2 3G, ios 5.1.1 jailbroken, installation completely ok but at the respring it goes to “safe mode”, I changed the default video (electricblue.mp4) which is not Ipad’s format to anew one with Ipad format and see if that was the problem, but no ood results, I had to uninstall the app.

    thanks in advance for your help.
    Allan Urbina
    Costa Rica.

  39. skrew says:

    yep right… i have to dig into…

  40. skrew says:

    0.0.9-26 available

  41. adam says:

    there is a bug with vwallpaper 2 for ios5,when open camera function in lockscreen.wont take video on iphone.

  42. Eirik says:

    I keep getting the “beta expired, get the latest version, use the official repository.” message. I have installed in cydia & have ios 5 version 0.0.9-22 installed. Any suggestions on a fix? Thank you.

  43. Sam says:

    I just try to add repo from my iPad3 with 5.1.1 and it’s stucked on the downloading package source is it a bug or there is no supported version for 5.1.1
    My iPad is already jailbroaken
    Thanks to help

  44. Cyoptix says:

    Awesome addition, love it. I’m wondering if I can be added to the “mask” repository. I did two full masked bg images that work great with your program. Shoot me an e-mail at the above addy and let me know whats up. Here are the two wallpaper/mask images full size.

  45. Libra says:

    I just downloaded your new version that can use video ringtone.
    It is great.
    Many thanks.

  46. Libra says:

    Just tried your new version that has video ringtone. It is good.
    Many thanks for your software.

  47. RealThought says:

    Wow!New version is amazing!!U r marvelous skrew 🙂 and of course as thank u so much,great programming.

  48. jonathan says:

    how can i make a video 320×480

    i have my video but i can’t conver 320×480.

    pls , i need help.

  49. RK says:

    Greetings. Great program (vWallpaper) only reason I uninstalled it was because skype drops my call when i go to the desktop. If you plan on fixing it (seems trivial – dont play the video when skype is in an active call) I would love to know about it and install the updated version. I’m running an iphone4 on IOS5.0.1. Thanks!

  50. Mohamad Masri says:

    Please can you add waterfall animation as an option for the vWallpaper 2. This will be a great add-on and give your users more options when using the application. Keep up the great work! Hope to hear from you soon.

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