vWallpaper 2

Q: When i play music, the video wallpaper stop playing.
A: It’s not a bug, iOS don’t let video and music playing together.


Q: I enabled effects but i see nothing.
A: You have to enter in setting effect. Click on effect row for settings, the same row you switched on/off


Q: I uninstalled vWallpaper2 but springboard remain black
A: You have to uninstall skrewcommon and/or skrewcommon2 too. If it’s always black, delete the file (with ssh or file remote): /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/zRingtones*
NOTA: You don’t have to do that with vWallpaper 2 for iOS5

Q: How i can change the weather location in widget HTCWeather ?
With iFile or a desktop browser like iFunbox, go to \var\mobile\media\vwallpaper2\webviews\htc weather *and edit the configure.me file to edit weather (Lisbon is poxx0016, for example) If you edit the html you can also change the 24-hour clock option and the no-animations (they hide the clock sometimes).


Q: For any reasons, i want to return to vWallpaper 1, how i can do ?
A: Uninstall skrewcommon2, vwallpaper2 and reinstall vwallpaper, skrewcommon


Q: My iPhone are bricked, blocked, burning (…) what i can do ?
R: SSH to your iPhone, enter theses commands:
rm /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/zRin*


Q: I have uninstalled vWallpaper(1/2) but i still have a black screen instead of wallpaper
R: You need to uninstall SkrewCommon too and reboot (or respring).


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