VW2: Web views


Add a local widget: Load widget from /var/mobile/Media/vWallpaper2/Webviews/ or from /var/mobile/Media/vWallpaper2/Themes/<theme name>/Webviews/. The widget must have a page named Widget.html

Add a web page: Just put the URL. Remember to change settings.


Display it: You can fast enable / disable a webview without have to remove it (and lose settings)

Display on page: Number of Springboard page you want to display on it.
Left position: Left position of view
Top position: Top position of view
Width size: Width of view (*1)
Height size: Height of view (*1)

Interactive (touch): Can be touched (Eg: a Webview or Calculator need this, keyboard will display if needed)
Draw background: Better for webview, useless for most widgets.
Can zoom / scroll: Better for webview, useless (and boring) for widgets.

User agent: Usefull for webpages, you can choose how you want a webview to display… Note: Twitter don’t works with iPhone user agent, use Android settings

(*1): No needed if you don’t use “Can zoom / scroll”. You can put 0 for booth as webview resize itself at the good size.


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