Merry Christmas !

Hi all,

Merry Christmas

I still waiting for unthetered JB for porting vWallpaper 2 to iOS5

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Update of SkrewCommon


Little update of SkrewCommon for the problem reported about some effects don’t works anymore when enabled together.

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vWallpaper 2 v0.7 & SkrewCommon 2

Hey it’s hallowweeeeenn

You can find a little halloween gift in this update, and the auto-lock for video springboard.
I still look for a nice (clean) solution for the alarm problem on lock screen when video play.

For iOS5 support i wait for the unthetered JB


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R.I.P Steve Jobs

I know you don’t like JB, but i don’t care πŸ˜‰

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vWallpaper 2 v0.6 & SkrewCommon 2


– Add picture mask, but not only for videos, you can use it for others effects too.

I will provide a tuto soon for creating repository

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Little update for SkrewCommon (yes it’s already released!)


Yes, i forgot to change the expiration date of this beta.
Why i put an expiration date ? Because many people don’t update and complain with old bugs.

Sorry for this “bug”.
The update are already released, download it on cydia, stop telling please, just update !!! (and read, seriousely, read !!!!)

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vWallpaper 2 v0.5 & SkrewCommon 2


First, i want to thanks donators. I really appreciate your help.


– You can put widgets behind icons (look in settings, switch on/off “Stay behind icons”)
– You can switch on/off wallpaper.
– Add panorama effect.
– Add Ripple effect (Note: Pictures need to be oversized, otherwise wave effect make black border. Look @ sample pictures provided with vWallpaper2).

Note: This version are not tested on iPad. Please wait for the next update if something are wrong / bad display (resolution / rotation of screen).

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vWallpaper 2 v0.4 released


Quick update for adding – so many wanted – background image (no settings yet, just change wallpaper as usual from settings apps).
Not so simple because of format change since 4.2.1 (modders know what i mean).

Bigger update coming

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vWallpaper 2 v0.3 released


– Missing switch on/off for video in Lock screen.
– Respring more fastly.
– iPad compliant.
– Download more videos.
– Few bugs blasted.

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vWallpaper 2 beta 1 available !



04/2008: vWallpaper 1 got public release (you can watch video here:


So in 2011 it’s time to release the version 2… Available on my repository.

Videos, widgets, particles, 3D…. And more coming πŸ˜‰


Remember,Β  it’s a beta version ! Only works on armV7 (>= iPhone 3GS, iPad), iPad not tested, but will be compliant soon…


Have fun !


PS: 12 seconds after release, the first download:
166.137.139.* – – [22/Jul/2011:02:46:49 +0200] “GET /deb/./com.skrew.vwallpaper2_0.0.1-77_iphoneos-arm.deb HTTP/1.1” 200 30212074 “-” “Telesphoreo APT-HTTP/1.0.592”.

How you do that ?! πŸ™‚

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