vWallpaper2 video preview #2

A new and last video preview for vWallpaper2

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What do you think ?

Little video, vWallpaper 2 preview…

And happy birthday to me! πŸ™‚

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Soon…. Sooooon !


For the next major update, vWallpaper 2, i need help.

I need a talented designer, if you are what i looking for, contact me or leave a comment (registered account for email) i will contact you back.


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Little update for vWallpaper


Little update for vWallpaper (1.25).

Bigger coming !

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New vWallaper & SkrewCommon

Hi ppl,

– vWallpaper adds icon transparency.
– Some minors fixes.
– 3DFiction repository full support added.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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vWallpaper on iPad


This is a video on iPad from a talented video wallpaper maker: PizentuDeWind

Get over 230 videos on his cydia repository: http://pizentudewind.myrepospace.com/

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New site: vWallpaper update coming


Just tell me if you see any problem on this site and/or applications.

If you know good theme just tell me πŸ™‚

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Merry X-Mas ! Finally, RC5

Hi ppl,

There are the RC5 release, with vRingtones enhancement.


– Fixed get/set vRingtones in vWallpaper app.
– Fixed mute button detection.
– Works when iPod or other audio application play.

I would like to work on new features, so i hope vWallpaper and vRingtones works for most users now.

Again, Merry X-Mas to all πŸ˜‰Β 

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vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC4)


SkrewCommon: Fixes crash & twitter problem (report on this)
vWallpaper: Add repository support (how to come)
vWallpaper: Fixes thumbnail for somes videos who don’t have the same name (if you get blank thumbnail, just browse download, it will download the good thumbnail)

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vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC3)

Hi all,

Quick edit 4 sep: Please try this package and report: http://i.danstaface.net/deb/SkrewCommon166.deb (and follow @skrew on twitter for news)
Quick edit 31 aug:
Roll back on SkrewCommon. Some users reported crashing, reinstall SkrewCommon from cydia for getting previous version.Β 
Quick edit 30 aug: Update for SkrewCommon: Fix Twitter application. Also video looping are more accurate (please test & report this part).
Quick edit 14 aug: Update for SkrewCommon for the auto-lock regression.


– SkrewCommon: Video start after third party application crashed.
– SkrewCommon: Video start after launching third party application in folder.
– vWallpaper: completly rewrited, more Apple compliant.
– vWallpaper: You can make your own repository, it’s centralized now. See a sample here: http://i.danstaface.net/site/vwallpaper/videos/list.plist. Send your plist url to vwallpaper (at) rootmail – org
– vWallpaper & vRingtones: Display a thumbnail when availaible (or display apple logo)
– vWallpaper & vRingtones: Videos & masks got grayed when already downloaded (but you can still re-download if you want)
– vWallpaper & vRingtones: click edit to delete (more compliant)
– vRingtones: Use original ringtone if the user video don’t exists anymore (user deleted)
– vRingtones: Contact list take more infos to display (hope fix empty lines)
– vRingtones & SkrewCommon: vRingtones part still need a major rewrite.

I want to thanks some users (PizentuDewind, Josh…) who really helped me! shame on others ! πŸ™‚

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