vWallpaper 2 for iOS 8: First start !


A first pre-version for iOS 8 are available, that’s all i can do before christmas ! I still not had a vacation, it’s time to get some ! ;)

As is the first version, here the todo list (to be clear, don’t write me about theses issues !!!!)

– Video Ringtones don’t works (a lot of change in iOS 8, not sure i can add this feature later).
– Little tweaks for lock screen (like display seconds / don’t turn off while on AC…) don’t works.
– Auto lock timer when video wallpaper are enabled don’t works.
– Maybe some others i forgot.

BTW, enjoy and merry christmas !

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vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4


New version of vWallpaper released.


– Fix a crash when incoming caller are unknown / hidden.
– Auto-lock feature on Springboard now works (take looooong time to fix !!!).
– Add lockscreen video.
– Add little tweaks in “Global settings”. More to come, make you “most-wanted” request in comments.
– Other fixes / enhancements, no need to be listed here.

The video HDWater are now named SDWater and you can found it in Pizentu repository in vWallpaper.

Edit: If autolock don’t work be sure you have the latest version, released 1 hour after.
Edit 2: feb. 3, 11:10 pm GMT: Second update for AM/PM format fix.
Edit 3: feb 4, 5:48pm GMT: Third update for auto-lock fix.

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vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 3


Little update released:

– Fix a bug for vRingtones / select by contact.
– Remove blur in dock when vWallpaper are active.


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vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 2


New preview for vWallpaper 2:

– Add a (nice !) ripple effect.
– Add Video Ringtones effects (need videos for iPhone 5/5S ! @pizentu ? :p)

Zouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !

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vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 1


Preview version 1 released.

The good news:
-> You can now play music while vWallpaper running on SpringBoard.
-> iOS Wallpaper can be displayed if you don’t use video on SpringBoard.

Bad news:
-> There are still not auto-lock working while video running. Spent 2 days on it, no luck ATM.
-> There are missing features but i work on it.

Enjoy !

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First release (beta 1) of vWallpaper2 for iOS 6


First version for iOS 6.

Please note:

-> vWallpaper stretch videos for 4″ screen, avoid this. It’s (i think) cpu and battery eater. Use videos optimized for iPhone 5 on Pizentu repository
-> Widgets are disabled for this version.
-> Sleep timer while video playing don’t work yet.
-> Icon transparency don’t work yet.
-> Default wallpaper don’t work yet.

It’s 05:40am here, time to sleep ! :)

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Update: “expired beta” and (don’t tested) iOS 4 version


I put back the iOS 4 version on my repository (but don’t tested if it still works)

I will look soon for iOS 6 version

Happy new year

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vWallpaper 2 update


– You can choose between iPhone and iPad video list (not in all repository).
– Video player refined, have better loop.

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Video ringtones in vWallpaper 2 is here


Closed test are over.
Thanks for reporting.

– Fixed problem between away video and video ringtone (not perfect for transition ATM but works).
– You can see the preview of video when you select it (ugly useful) in main GUI.


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Beta for vWallpaper 2 with Ringtones.


It’s a “closed” beta, install it from here

If you don’t know how to install manually a deb, please don’t use it and wait for update on cydia.

Don’t tell for features, just report problems (if any) on this version ! Thanks !

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